Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well its the end of my first week of summer. I have already been on a mini-vacation and started my job - all while some of my friends were still taking finals. I haven't even seen my home friends yet because they're not even back yet. I cant believe this my first year of college is over - boy have I learned a lot - about myself and the "real world." I am sort of relieved that the first one is over, because now I know what to expect (the bad roommate situation didn't help this matter). Next year I will go back knowing my way around, my friends, roommates - the groove of things. It is nice to be home - a big, un-bunked bed :) I am tres excited for this summer because of...
A) Seeing my family and friends for 4 months - having sleepovers, picnics, late night Starbucks, and picture fests
B) My new job!! I work at at the cutest restaurant/party place/bakery in the historic part of town. Its a restaurant during the day and serves desserts and drinks at night. All the rooms are painted like pastel candy and have all this awesome french- girly furniture in it. People can rent out the rooms for parties too - they have an adorable kid room. I mainly work in the bakery, icing cakes and decorating - and delivering and assembling them (Ace of Cakes anyone?) Today was my first day and I am in LOVE :D
D) My summer to do list which is still in the works but basically consists of: purchasing a guitar and leaning how to play it, buy a Diana camera, do pilates again, DIYs, take swims early in the morning, relax and listen to these summery tunes:
1. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
2. Summer Bird Diamond - Seabear
3. He Wasn’t There – Lily Allen
4. Bag of Hammers - Thao
5. The Next Time Around – Little Joy
6. Moving, Shaking – Great Lake Swimmers
7. The Monster Song - Psapp
8. Maps – Rogue Wave
9. I Don’t Know – Lisa Hannigan
10. Summer Shakedown – Slow Club
I am also going to do a little archiving of some summer posts and ideas from the past years - enjoy some of my self- promotion. Some fun stuff to do if you ever are bored this summer:
What are your plans for the summer?
also thanks so much to Plain Jayne for giving me the cutest award ever "your blog is as deer to be as cupcakes" :)


Stephanie said...

Like the play list.
My summer plans consist of:

* going to beach,I really want to learn how to surf this year.
* going to some outdoor concerts.
* I also can't wait for 500 Days of Summer and all of the other summer movies.

Love the DIY ideas and The Office party looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

oo icing cakes is the perfect job for you! sounds amazing!

summer is soooooo close, one final left Monday, but all my friends starting leaving on wednesday, its getting a little depressing sending out texts about where to meet for dinner and realizing half of your contacts are already gone. but I'm really looking forward to coming back home this summer- I need to sleep, catch up with my family, learn how to be alone again (god, college is 100% busy with either work or social stuff, I just need to figure out how to entertain myself again), I also need to reconnect with old friends- some of us talk all year and some I haven't heard from since August, but I'm hoping we're all in the same boat of wanting to hang out. i know I have a slightly different social circle at home & no real curfew this year, which makes things easier. have you kept in touch well with old friends?

college has been a great experience, but really challenging too. I was ready to go, but the transition was difficult regardless. I went to the same school for 13 years and now it was fully up to me to create who I was in college not the kids around me who have known me since age 5. its weird though because a year ago, I had no real group of friends & no guy friends, but now I have a group of 10 with 4 really close guys, I'm less prudish, less uptight about school work, totally interested in different things than I was coming into college, and more outgoing. what have you learned about yourself?

this summer I also want to, learn how to cook, pick up photography again, read books, exercise

sorry for the rambling comment, but I'm curious to hear how your year compares

HiFashion said...

I have a long summer ahead of me, so I will definitely check out your past posts.
The first year of uni is always tough, but totally character building.

Erika said...

Your play list = love.

My summer plans include:

*Sleeping - I need to recover from all of those late nights of studying.

*Working - Four ten-hour days per week. :(
*Studying for my CLEP Tests - Math, blech!
*Shopping - That's always fun!
*Blogging - Ditto!
*Reading your past posts! :)

By the way, I think you found the absolute perfect job; it was made for you!

The Clothes Horse said...

You're already on summer vacae? Jealous much!

Belle said...

Your summer sounds like a lot of fun. Your job seems really cool. love Ace of Cakes. So far all my summer plans consist of Summer School.

Tru said...

one of the things on my summer to do list is also to learn how to play the guitar but as for my larger summer plans (which haven't started yet because I'm still at school) I'll be interning at my local newspaper for a month and then working a sleep away camp up by lake george for until august 17th then two weeks at home and back to school early for music camp : ) i can't wait and cherish every moment of college I can't beieve my seocnd year is already over

Shenanigans said...

My Summer plans are:

*Go swimming at least once a week
*Walk that poor dog of mine a couple times of week
*Use that darling dress patter I have and make dresses for myself and friends
*Make myself some beautiful fashion accessories
*Work of course
*Go to Cali
*Go the my cousin's Disney Wedding in Florida.
Your summer plans sound great have fun.

Ha I would love to play the guitar of course it would have to be children one. My hands are much too small to play a regular one. :( I did see some really cute light blue and pink acoustic guitars while I was at the music store so maybe one of those. I just want to play Moon River on the guitar.

chantelle said...

ohhh pretty pictures

donna AND navaz said...

MMMM, the peanut butter cookies!

La Fée said...

aww this is so cute!!! I'm basically spending my summer working so I have money for uni...not fun but it'll be worth it!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Beautiful photos :)
Lucky you!

thischicksgotstyle said...

Love these pictures!!

copperoranges said...

i said the same thing to miss jayne, but i cant believe you're done with your first year of college! congratulations!!

yaaaay for bakery jobs!

roxanne said...

i am sooooo ready to join the ranks of people enjoying their summers!! a paper, three exams, and two weeks stand in my way, unfortunately - great photos!

roxanne said...

p.s.: your job sounds delightful and so fitting!

Lily Clark said...

I must check out your playlist when I have time.
here are my summer plans:
-bike ride to all of the vintage shops in the area
-go to the park and draw people
-make a lookbook and work my way up to the "hot" list

la petite fashionista said...

your summer job sounds absolutely PERFECT for you! i'm so happy you get to do something you enjoy.

also, the first year of school can be a rough, awkward transition. my 2nd year was so much fun because I had amassed a great group of friends & everyone has their own places:)

p.s. holy crap i want to have an "Office" Party after reading that post. i'm obsessed with the show haha

yiqin; said...

Yay for the award :) I have no summer is summer all year round here!

CKA said...

Your job sounds so perfect for you!
Love the playlist too :)