Friday, August 29, 2008

If There Is A Party At Your House, Go To The Library

I just saw that quote somewhere and fell in love with it :)

I survived. I am in college. I actually have adjusted to the dorm lifestyle a lot easier and better than I thought an only child like myself would. Now I am just in the process of meeting people and trying to find my niche in a group of friends again. While it can be exciting and fun, it can also be frustrating because I have no patience - building friendships takes time. But just like freshman year in high school all these worries and awkwardness will come to and end at some point (hopefully lol).

Anyways the homework and spending time in the library has already started, so this weeks playlist is devoted to libraries and all things book/story related , with described items to go with each :)

1. Libraries - Seabear
banner from Kate Spade's website

2. Books Written For Girls - Camera Obscura
the entire Twilight Saga which are truly books written for girls

3. Old Friends/Bookends - Simon and Garfunkel

4. The Simple Story - Feist and Jane Birkin
cutest book ever - even though I am not a kid or a mom, I am asking for it for Christmas :P

5. The Book I Write - Spoon
Pen, Tiffany's Company

6. The Story - Norah Jones

7. Academia - Sia

8. The Book of Love - Peter Gabriel
CD, itunes or

9. Glasses - I'm From Barcelona

10. The Story - Brandi Carlile
one of my all time favorite books - the movie version is coming out in October

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vampire Weekend : Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

I'm not over summer yet - I still have a week unitl classes officially start. This video is hilariously fun. I love Vampire Weekend with their beach ready tunes and "my mom dressed me preppy look". This video fully captures the "essence" of VAMPIRE WEEKEND, and FINALLY takes advantage of their band name.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peel The Freckles From Their Shoulders

1 week left of summer for me :( It's a bit sad because most all of my friends have already left for college. Sad goodbyes knowing we will not see each other for at least 3 months. This has probably been my favorite summer ever: graduating high school, going to Italy/France, having TONS of get together with my friends, having 3 whole months of summer, reading the twilight saga, and blogging of course. I am equally excited and nervous about the future.

This is my end of the summer post. These pictures are of a picnic (a la Swedish blogger girl style) my friends and i had in the beginning of the summer. Its nice to reminisce.

and here is the end of summer playlist/leaving home playlist:

1. You Are The Only One I Love - Jaymay
2. Dream - Priscilla Ahn
3. The Lovely Years - Fisher
4. Child I Can See Ya - Katie Herzig
5. You Are Goodbye - Holly Conlan
6. Fountain Of Youth - Emily Wells
7. Wasted - Brandi Carlile
8. This Old Machine - Coconut Records
9. Chasing Pavements - ADELE
10. We're All In the Dance - Feist
11. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye - Ella Fitzgerald
12. Hometown Glory - ADELE
13. Warwick Avenue - Duffy
14. Sentimental Heart - She & Him
15. Distant Dreamer - Duffy

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Versailles of Venice

These are some postcards I got in Venice. They look like little prints, so instead of sending them to people, I decided to keep them all to myself hehe. I think they would look cool framed one day. I couldn't resist them because the characters all look like they walked off the set of Marie Antoinette :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Things I Hate About You

The only time I love to hate something/someone/a situation is if I have a song that CLEARLY expresses the way I feel. So if you're in that mood and want to get over something in a "fun" way just listen to these songs - and your worries will most likely decrease :)

1. Dickhead - Kate Nash
2. I Hate Everyone - Get Set Go
3. The Bitch of Living - Musical Soundtrack
4. Shit Song - Kate Nash
5. Emotional - Rilo Kiley
6. Limp - Fiona Apple
7. Chemo Limo - Regina Spektor
8. So Jealous - Tegan and Sara
9. Somebody Told Me - The Killers
10. Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well - Mike Doughty