Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You're Not A Teenager, So Don't Act Like One

*picture from my 19th bday - celebrated at lunch in the dance room
Yes, its true I am no longer a teenager, but probably still acting like one (Camera Obscura). TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm freaking 20 years old. 20! It is strange, I feel all grown up now - but it really hasn't hit me. I will probably forget still tell people that I'm 19 because 20 sounds old and I'm just used to saying teen.
My birthday has been dragged out because in the end of April my friends had a birthday party for me and another may baby, since we wouldn't be there for it. Last night I met up for coffee with my home friends and they all baked me something :) love them. Today I had work from 11-2 icing cakes. Unknowingly my mom called my bosses and told them it was my birthday because she knew I was to shy to tell them. They were so sweet and gave me some flowers. Then I got a pedicure, then sushi with the parents... and I'm still having a little fiesta for my bffs next week. This is starting to sound all "dear diary" but it really was a cute day :) yay to being 20!

This is my imaginary birthday wish list lol! knowing nothing will ever be gifted to me - but a girl can dream!

Some designer dresses, CDs, fredflare stuff, you know.....

Also this weeks playlist - birthdays, 20's, growing up, memories.....

1. The Happy Birthday Song – Andrew Bird
2. Dance to the Morning Light – Slow Club
3. 22 – Lily Allen
4. Old Times – The Whispertown 2000
5. Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl – Broken Social Scene
6. Big Jumps – Emiliana Torrini
7. Come On Youth – Slow Club
8. Age of Consent – New Order
9. We Will Not Grow Old - Lenka
10. Birthday – The Bird and The Bee


birdsandplanes said...

happy birthday! your blog always makes me smile.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! That's sweet of your parents to call your work.
Next Saturday I'll be at the tail end of my 20's so enjoy them!

Belle said...

Happy Birthday!
The fork candle things are really cool

Anonymous said...


love your little playlist as always, that's a great and particularly festive andrew bird song :)

your day sounds like so much fun, and god I wish I could get the phillip lim vest for my bday in june too hehe

my summer plans are still pending- other than a bit of travel, seeing friends, learning how to cook, read more etc. I'm currently still searching for a job, but I'll post when I find one! oh but i did just get jenny lewis & conor oberst concert tickets!! :)

little shadow said...

Happy Birthday!
cute photos x

copperoranges said...

happy birthday! what a great lookin' cake! i always looooved cookie cakes when i was younger.

i looove "anthems for a 17 year old girl" - great playlist!

yiqin; said...

I want a diana so badly!!

HiFashion said...

Happy birthday. I'm nearly 21 and it never actully hit me that I'm 20. In fact I called myself twenteen, so I could drag my teen years a little longer. Your wishlist is great - I love the key necklace at the top.

Erika said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

I think I'll take everything featured here. Especially that key necklace, and the divine bow dress next to it. Glitter!

la petite fashionista said...


Doesn't 20 sound so old? i'm like wow, i'm no longer in my teens, i'm in my "twenties" that's so crazy!

I hope someone bakes you a big pretty cake for your birthday!:)

YSLGuy said...

Happy Birthday!!

I LOVE those YSL shoes, and if you haven't, you have to get the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. It's amazing. It's all I listen to right now.

She sounds very Siouxsie Sioux on some of the songs.

fashionista said...

Happy birthday! I loved your comment, and your blog as well! Your playlists are definitely one of my favorite parts :)

La Fée said...

ooh everything on your wishlist is wonderful!! and your heart cake looks delicious too :)
happy birthday!!

Who is naebyrd/ rna? said...

Happy Birthday!!! I feel so old. My next B-day will push me to 30...ahhh.
Anyways, have a wonderful 20th year!