Monday, March 5, 2007


So, I love the show, "The Office" and decided to have a viewing party for 25 of my friends. They all came dressed as if they were going to work - it was cute. The invitation was yellow lined paper with the details printed on it. I decorated it with hole punch circles, dots, and stars - all found @ an office supply store. I enclosed the envelope with paper clips, as opposed to confetti. As you can see, I made the Dunder Mifflin sign to go over the food table. I also put the stickers used on the invites on the table cloth and scattered paper clips. The streamers were crepe paper ones, hole punch stickers on a roll, and red sticker dots on a roll. There is also my attempt to put a stapler in the jello - yeah. I bought coffee to-go cups with lids, even though we didn't drink coffee. I put name tags on the cups so people could keep track of their cup (we also wore the name tags as if we didn't know each other). I bought all those restroom and office signs and put them in the appropriate places. Last, but not least are the cookies I made that are supposed to be shirts. We also played the diversity game (like on the episode). It was sooooo much fun (that's what she said!)