Monday, May 4, 2009

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1. Gray Or Blue - Jaymay
2. Heart It Races – Dr. Dog
3. Heretics – Andrew Bird
4. Scissory - Psapp
5. Nausea - Beck
6. Tonight I Have to Leave It – Shout Out Louds
7. Combat Baby - Metric
8. You Don’t Know Me – Ben Folds
9. Unusual You – Britney Spears
10. Move You (Slow & Steady Seduction Phase II) – Anya Marina
and yes I am back home - it is officially summer - school is over, I have summer job (which I am excited to tell you about) and blogging will be a regular occurance!


Erika said...

Welcome back! And congrats on making it through another school year. I still have two weeks to go. :(

Anonymous said...

ugg I'm jealous, I'm still at college for a week

i love the dr. dog version of the heart it races, 10x better than the original

Hillary H. said...

#8 is a great song...
i've discovered so much new music reading your blog, i should designate an itunes playlist to you.

Young Damsel said...

just discovered your blog today and i must say, your banner is adorable!!
going to download these songs asap <33


Katie said...

i love the song "you don't know me" great jam for sure

I have a question for you. My friends and I want to do a small gossip girl party of some sort, how would you go about doing that? Like what kind of food and decorations? Any other cool ideas, you have such fantastic party ideas!

jessica said...

yay summer jobs !!
& combat baby ♥

KATIA said...

Lucky! I want summer soo badly!
Combat baby by metric is my all time favorite :)