Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mirrored Brooches

I study each issue if Teen Vogue. And while that little (what appears to be) mirrored pin in the June/July issue would have usually been over looked - I took full notice and decided to make some of my own.
I just bought square and circle mirrors @ the craftstore in various sizes and hot glued them in different arrangements onto a flatbacked pin.

on the strap of my tank top


Tru said...

good idea...I did over look the pin but yours is an awesome alternative...also if you need to check your makeup you always have a mirror on hand

LML said...

thats true!!!!
i never thought of that - too nifty!

Karen said...

very cool! I deffinatly haven't had time to fully examine my TV, but I love finding little things like this that I can make. I guess craft shopping will now be in my weekend plans!