Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Want Candy

With Halloween just around the corner, I began remembering Marie Antoinette and all the sugar coated scenes. This has to be one of my favorite scenes in the movie. The costumes, cake, music - its just PERFECT! Makes you feel like you just went on a shopping spree while eating 234,5643,767 desserts, right?

Also, theres lots of inspiration for costumes...

This Day Last Week (10/21)...

...was my LAST day in Germany

The countryside


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vampires, Witches and Wiards, Oh My!

Cookies from Eleni's Bakery
I can't believe Halloween is already near - 4 days! I love Halloween (but I pretty much love every holiday - any excuse to have a party). In my 18 years, I've been a: pumpkin, clown, Ariel, bumble bee, Belle, Jasmine, cheerleader (?), fairy, cat, Ginger Spice (Geri), witch, vampire, butterfly, futuristic person, hippie, cowgirl, and a skeleton. I'm undecided about what I should be this year, but I'm thinking maybe a flapper or some celeb, not that creative, I know. I'll post what I end up being, if its worthy lol. What are y'all going to be?
Oh and here's the playlist of the week: Halloween, of course!
1. Night of the Dancing Flame - Roisin Murphy
2. Leaving in Coffins - Psapp
3. Dracula's Wedding - Outkast
4. The Living Dead - Phantom Planet
5. Bela Lugosi's Dead - Nouvelle Vague
6. Night of the Living Dead - Tilly and the Wall
7. Twilight - The Raveonettes
8. They are Night Zombies!!... - Sufjan Stevens
9. Noisy Neighbor - The Ditty Bops
10. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - Susannah McCorkle

This Day Last Week (10/20)...

... I was in Germany!

Cuckoo clocks!

These hilarious bouncy toys

Huge ass cuckoo clock!

The Rhine
Christmas shop... now I can't wait
Stairs in the tower, worn down after hundreds of years

***click on the image to see a larger view***

This Day Last Week (10/19)...

... I was in the Rhineland

Another Smurf!

1000 year old castle ruins

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Day Last Week (10/18)...

...I was in Cologne, Germany!

German architecture

Cologne from Cologne lol

Coolest stained glass I've ever seen!

Cobblestone :P

The largest cathedral in Europe

**to see larger views, just click on the picture :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Day Last Week (10/17)...

...I was in Brussels, Belgium!
Flowers in the Market

Pretty square

Candy shop window

Mannequin Pis (the peeing boy fountain)

Hats are officially my new thing lol

Belgium is definitely a country you should add on your places to go. Its often overlooked :(
Plus, a majority of people speak English very well!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Be Back Next Monday - I'm in Germany!

Random excursion to Germany this week - I'm sooo excited! I'll be sure to have TONS of pictures and post all what happened (I'll also post about my homecoming outfit, which was this past weekend - I was so tired Sunday and had homework, so the post will be a little late). Until then, enjoy my German playlist and these cuckoo clocks (the one on the right is a necklace), both can be found at SUPER UBER!

1. Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul and Mary
2. The Lonely Goatherd - The Sound of Music Soundtrack
3. Yodel - Nellie McKay
4. Wind It Up - Gwen Stefani
5. Your New Cuckoo - The Cardigans
6. Brandenburg - Beirut
7. Auf Achse - Franz Ferdinand
8. Munich - Editors
9. Waltz (Better than Fine) - Fiona Apple
10. So Long, Farewell - The Sound of Music Soundtrack
11. Rhineland (Heartland) - Beirut
12. Waltz of the Dearly Beloved - Emily Wells
13. Impossible Germany - Wilco

Have a great week y'all :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekly Top 10 Songs!

Halloween-y again!

1. Ramalama (Bang Bang) - Roisin Murphy
2. Toxic - Britney Spears
3. The Fallen - Franz Ferdinand
4. My Moon My Man - Feist
5. Horse and I - Bat for Lashes
6. Seductress of the Bums - The Raveonettes
7. Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra
8. Caring is Creepy - The Shins
9. Owl Waltz - Seabear
10. In the Meantime - The Ditty Bops

Monday, October 8, 2007

Barbie Would Do This:

Crazy idea stolen from the Teen Vogue October issue:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Put a Crest on Your Breast! (a DIY)

(awful, perverted title - I know)

So, I'm sure its the 203710701734th time you've seen and heard about the Balenciaga FW0708 collection, you have to admit - its freakin' GORGEOUS! I am in love with the crested blazers and don't exactly have 5000 dollars to spend on it, so I decided to kind of make my own! I went to Jo-anns and picked out royal crest iron on's (and surprisingly, they had a lot to chose from). Instead of ironing them to a blazer (I got one from Issac Mizirahi @ Target), I decided to make them into pins, in case if the crest doesn't go with what I'm wearing.
Just take the crests, trace unto card stock and cut a little under the lines, and glue with E6000 (best glue EVER). Let dry, then glue on a flat backed pin and TaDa!

pin onto your blazer (or whatever you want) like so: