Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cover Yourself Up!!!

To go along with this weeks playlist and colder weather - I've paired up songs with clothes! All the songs have to do with body parts, and the clothes are meant to cover that part up (lol this is not supposed to sound perverted). Anyways - Enjoy!
1. Arms - Seabear

American Apparel
2. Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson

3. Collarbone - Fujiya & Miyagi

4. Four Left Feet - The Ditty Bops

clockwise from top: Urban Outfitters;; Deliahs; Forever 21

5. Flathead - The Fratellis

Urban Outfitters

6. Grazed Knees - Snow Patrol
American Apparel

7. Long Legs - The Magic Numbers

8. No Legs - Adam Green
Urban Outfitters

9. Sea Legs - The Shins
J. Crew

10. Toes - Norah Jones

J. Crew

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smurf Cake!

My friends and I had a party last weekend for no good reason and I offered to bring a cake (its pretty much expected of me now). I asked what it should look like a someone said a smurf (I think they were joking) but I actually did make it lol! I tried to dye in inside blue, but it was a yellow cake, so the inside was looked green haha but it was still good!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall is Here, Hear the Yell that song by the White Stripes, and yes fall is here! I love the brisk weather, the colors, new clothes (I'm actually going fall/homecoming dress shopping this weekend). So to kick off the new season here are some autumn things:
Decorated cookies from Eleni's Bakery in New York (she ships too!)

Some pictures I took of nature last year:and finally here is the week's playlist - Autumn-esque of course!

1. Time - Ben Folds
2. Save Me - Aimee Mann
3. Title and Registration - Death Cab for Cutie
4. The Minnow and the Trout - A Fine Frenzy
5. New Slang - The Shins
6. Cat Piano - Seabear
7. Where is My Love? - Cat Power
8. By Heart - Sylvie Lewis
9. Wolves - Josh Ritter
10. Kingdom Come - Coldplay

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Black and White and EVERTHING Nice!

As, most of you can tell by now - I am very inspired my movies. When I saw the Ralph Lauren SS08 Show, I could not help but to think of Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady". The blacks and whites, frills and exaggerated hats just immediately brought that movie to mind. My favorite scene is at the horse race and EVERYONE is in black, white and grey (here is a link to a clip of that scene) and each woman has a unique hat on. Also, the background of the runway was painted like a horse race, as was the backdrop to the horse race in the movie. I don't know exactly if I would wear each of the RL dresses, for they look to old for me (except the simple black one) but they sure do serve as an inspiration! No wonder practically every girls fashion icon is Audrey!

Marc Jacobs (one of the most BIZARRE shows ever!) and Tracy Reese also caught onto the trend:

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekly Top 10 Songs!

Songs to go with almost each day of the week:

1. Sunny Sunday - Leona Naess
2. Sunday Night is Fair - French Kiss
3. Tuesday Morning - Michelle Branch
4. Tuesday - Telepopmusik
5. Waiting For Wednesday - Lisa Loeb
6. How Can It Be - Forever Thursday
7. Friday Night - Lily Allen
8. Saturday Morning - Eels
9. Saturday Night - Kaiser Chiefs
10. (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night - Madeleline Peyroux

Sorry for the spaced out posts lately - I will get better about it, I promise!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grey Garden

Thanks to Cotton Candy's Whimsical Delights Blog - I have discovered the fabulous Tokyo Spring Fashion Week. Among its unique designers, I discovered a new favorite : Mayumi Sasaki for Lyrics M. The runway was all covered in moss and the girls looked like they were dressed to have a picnic in the English countryside. I loved the straw hats, faded colors, delicate fabrics and unique shapes. The collection also reminded me a LOT Marie Antoinette when she had built her village and spent her time frolicking around! Next spring, I'm thinking vintage straw hats, lace, khaki, and hippie-ish/English countryside touches.

Rag & Bone even caught onto the trend:

Also I read about this play in Teen Vogue and the poster captured my attention and reminds me of this look I'm talking about:

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Weekly Top 10 Songs!

Put my ipod on random and here's what I got:

1. On the Table - A.C. Newman
2. Let's Go - Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack
3. Transparent Things - Fujiya & Miyagi
4. O Pamela - Nouvelle Vague
5. If Looks Could Kill - Camera Obscura
6. I Won't Be Left - Tegan and Sara
7. Slow Cheetah - Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. Yours to Keep - Teddybears
9. All the Way - Frank Sinatra
10. The Angels Hung Around - Rilo Kiley


Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Ghost That Carries ME Away...

If you love Garden State or other Zack Braff soundtracks, then you will love Searbear's debut disk, The Ghost That Carried Us Away. I love the violin and romantic feel to it, yet it sounds modern and mystical (not in a new age-y way! no!) - some even harvesty (love the odd adjectives?). It makes you wanna skip around or walk quietly through the woods at night. I recommend the ENTIRE CD - you wont be sorry!

and who could resist a band called Seabear - how cute, right?

**check out some of their songs on the music player

Oh and another thing! If you are a redhead, you will greatly appreciate this article @ (today's post) - I DID! Go us!
I love the Lucy quote!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Epitome of Modern Marie

The Chanel Couture Fall Fashion Show - Delicious!