Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bright Star

Keira Knightly's "Pride and Prejudice" is hands down one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. I watch it four times a year - at the peak of each season. I love the warmth, depth and peacefulness of the film.
This trailer for "Bright Star", set around Jane Austen's time reminds me very much of my beloved movie. Rising stars, british countryside and an imperfect love affair seems like a recipie for a wonderful movie to me - can't wait to see it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quickie Cupcake

Sometimes I don't feel like taking a ton of time to decorate cupcakes and just wanna put some sprinkles on it and call it a day. Layer Cake Shop solves the "boring cupcake" and time dilemma by creating the most adorable sprinkles, cupcake liners and toppers. I love the vintage look of these toppers and the easiness of just sticking one these trinkets on a cupcake!

**** be sure to check out all their other great products as well as their adorable cupcake themed decorating kits!
QUESTION: Does anyone know where to get cheap 120 mm film online? I got a Diana Camera, but no film - its real hard to find!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The End

I think these songs belong at the end of a romantic movie where the two lonely lovers finally realize that they are truly meant for one another, search for the other no matter the distance and take that slow, passionate final kiss before the screen announces that they live "happily ever after":
1. Life in Technicolor II - Coldplay
2. Happiness - Riceboy Sleeps
3. Hot Buritto #1 (I'm Your Toy) - DeVotchKa
4. Spooky Couch – Albert Hammond Jr.
5. Words of Love - Jessica Lea Mayfield
6. How the Day Sounds – Greg Laswell
7. Light Through the Veins – Jon Hopkins
8. Congratulations - Blue October feat. Imogen Heap
9. Through the Dark – KT Tunstall
10. Drinking, Thinking, Sinking, Feeling – Slow Club

The End!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vintage Barbie

I am going gaga over the Dior Fall 09 Couture collection. It looks like a colorful combination of vintage Barbies, extras in the Audrey Hepburn movie, Funny Face, and those old fashion showrooms and shows from the 50's where the catwalk would be surrounded by flowers and couches to make the buyer seem more comfortable and elegant. Though nothing about these outfits look comfortable, they sort of take you to another place, you know? - a world full of glamour, red lipstick, and those really ridiculously long cigarettes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Music Search

It is a common question asked by bloggers about how I find and discover all this music that I feature on my blog. A lot of it has to do with mix cds my bestie gives me or songs my high school dance teacher played, but my main source is New Music Tuesdays on itunes. It is a little weekly ritual of mine to go open up the itunes store every Tuesday morning. Depending on the week and how much cool stuff comes out determines how much time is spent doing this (it could be up to an hour - whoops!). If you want to start discovering new music, follow these steps:
1. Go though all the pages of the "New and Noteworthy" (usually like 4) and listen to artists you have heard of, whose name sounds interesting, or who has cool album art (I am a sucker for packaging). Sometimes you just need to listen to one song to know you don't like them.
2. Look though the "What's Hot", "Indies" and "What Were Listening" to categories too.
3. Always get the free singles every week - they have had some great ones like Lily Allen, The Fray, Amy Winehouse, etc. By the time these people got popular on the radio, I had already owned and loved the song. A lot of these singles are under the radar and are about to make it big. Just delete it if you don't like it - its free after all. Even download the latino single too, because even though I cant understand it, they still sometimes sound cool!
4. The "Genius" (just for you) application is great too - look and preview through some of that. Also check out "My Alerts" to see if any of the artists you have purchased from out out any new music.
5. Basically even if you never heard of the band and they look interesting, still check them out. You will most probs be pleasantly surprised.
6. And since I can't spend 100.00 a week on itunes, I write down names of artists in a notebook (its now like 15 pages) to go back and look up when you want some good music. OR... you can create a playlist on your itunes called"wish list" or "to buy" and drag and add the songs you discovered at the store but cant buy yet or are still pondering to buy. It will stay forever in your playlist until you are ready to purchase the song. It keeps my wish list MUCH more organized!!
7. Before you pay $10 for an album on itunes or the new $1.29 price for a single song, look it up at the amazon MP3 store. Cd's there have the same quality but are usually a few dollars cheaper and all their songs are .99. Those mp3 also automatically start downloading into your itunes library - its soooo easy!
Hope some of these tips help - HAPPY HUNTING!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baked Sushi

This is the "Sushi Cake" I made for my mom on her birthday (its actually Chunky Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - note: Instead of putting in in a 9X13, I put it in two 9 inch round pans - but you could do any flavor cake) because our family looooves sushi and I didnt feel like making the real stuff :)

The "sushi" part is actually homemade rice krispies treats formed with various candies and grape fruit leather. I just sort of played around with it - it was fun and pretty easy to make! There are tons of recipes and tutorials online - I didn't follow any one in particular but I just read a lot of them and went from there; Google "Candy Sushi". One batch of homemade rice krispies from the box makes a lot of "rice" for some trial and error.

I asked the sushi chef at my grocery store to give me some of those grass liners they put in the to go sushi boxes to go around the sides of the cake.

Swedish fish, gummy worms, orange jelly beans.

I recommend heating up the fruit leather (the seaweed) in the microwave a little before rolling it out, it makes it more pliable.

and to go with this whole sushi post, a Japanese themed playlist:

1. Sushi – Kyle Andrews
2. Life in Technicolor - Coldplay
3. Love Letter to Japan – The Bird and the Bee
4. Mock Origami – Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
5. Electric Feel - MGMT
6. Konichiwa Bitches - Robyn
7. Candyland - Cocorosie
8. Kaze Wo Atsumete – Happy End
9. Strawberry Swing – Coldplay
10. Tokyo – Telekinesis
11. Touch of My Hand – Britney Spears
12. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love – Coldplay

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop & Smell the... Daisies

No matter if you are busy or not this summer, always take a moment to "smell the roses"... or appreciate the beauty of nature :)

Photos taken by me a few summers ago at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Monday, July 13, 2009

In the Limelight

I indulged in a guilty pleasure a few weeks ago by going to a Lauren Conrad book signing for her "novel" L.A. Candy. My bestie and I stood in line for an hour, but it was worth it - its always cool to see a celebrity. We couldn't take pics after a certain point though, so I have really bad blurry shots of her. She is actually prettier in real life and is really petite. It was sort of hilarious to be there though surrounded by all these tweeny bot fans who were screaming. I have yet to read the book.. I think I'm going to start it today. My friend says its not good writing but entertaining nonetheless - a guilty pleasure.

Current Nail Polish: Funky Limelight by Essie

Its part of their new neon collection. It is an electric shade with a matte finish - a trend that is supposed to be HUGE in the fall!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Love

All of you readers had really good ideas for a playlist this week! Congrats to forgetmenot for her idea of "Summer Love." She offered several other summery ideas, but i liked this best. These songs help me imagine what it would be like to be having a summer love - taking day trips, swimming in lakes, falling asleep in a hammock surrounded by fireflies (does this stuff happen lol). Here it is, a summer love playlist dedicated to FORGETMENOT:

1. Season of Love – Shiny Toy Guns
2. French Navy – Camera Obscura
3. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
4. I’ll Never Smile Again – Priscilla Ahn
5. La Familia (Guy Sigsworth Mix) - Mirah
6. Stormy Weather – The Kooks
7. Love Like a Sunset, Pt. II - Phoenix
8. The Things We Did Last Summer – A Fine Frenzy
9. You and I – Wilco with Feist
10. If The Stars Were Mine – Melody Gardot
11. Beach Baby – Bon Iver
12. Just You and Me – Zee Avi
13. Trick Question – Slow Club

for others that offered great ideas, here are some playlists that you wanted as well (click on the link)

for Sofia, music for a road trip

for Miss Absinthe, a French inspired playlist

for Islandia Lane, a flashback to the 90's playlist

for My wonderland, a 50's or a 60's playlist

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Play That Funky Music!

Boomblox/CD player cake from '07

Last call for....BLOGGER'S CHOICE!!!!!

If you have been wanting that "perfect" themed playlist to suit your needs, comment and tell me what kind of playlist you would like to see as next week's Weekly Top 10 Songs. If I have the songs and inspiration, you might just get chosen and the playlist would be dedicated to you. If I have already done a playlist like that, I will dedicate a former post to you:) It will be posted Sunday!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Thanks Plain Jayne for tagging me in this fun post!

How would you define your style?
I would say I dress very feminine and artsy. I wear classic pieces - lots of cardigans, fun dresses and skirts and spice it up with my accessories and how I style it. I use a lot of scarves and belts. And I always wear my gold or silver thin bangles and am not afraid of color. I look for items that aren't "trendy" but still stylish. I don't want to look back a year later and have regrets lol. I like a lot of vintage inspired pieces as well.
What is your favourite item of clothing EVER?
A dress I got on sale from Anthropologie 3 years ago. Its a summer dress perfect for picnics and shopping trips. I wear it with alone or with a cardigan and straw Fedora.
What is said favourite item of clothing most suited to (e.g. sailing the seven seas as a free-booting buccaneer, a street carnival in Rio, afternoon tea at the Ritz)?
Sightseeing in Provence or frolicking in the fields of Tuscany.

Who are your style icons?
Keira Knightly, Kirsten Dunst, Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Williams... and of course Audrey Hepburn! I love their styles equally on and off the red carpet.
Which song should have been written for you?
"Dance Dance Dance" by Lykke Li. "Having troubles telling how I feel but I can dance dance dance." It takes me a while to really open up to people and show them my crazy self, until then I act very civil and calm. But when I perform (dance or act), I have no inhibitions - I can do it full out and don't care what people are thinking or how I am being judged. It is a wonderful release!

What is your favourite fairy-tale?
The Little Mermaid. I only accustomed to the happy Disney version, although I know in the Hans Christan Anderson version she dies in the end :(
What is your favorite word?
Pamplemousse - it means grapefruit in French :)

Dream trolley dash locations?
Japan, the rainforest, a safari
Dream location for your future Vogue photo shoot?
A tie between Versailles and the Inca ruins in Peru
If you could hire one fashion designer as your personal tailor, whom would it be?
Marchesa. I think they make the most gorgeous, timeless gowns. I would be more than happy to wear one every day - even to decorate cakes in - that's what aprons are for! Their pieces are so frothy and feminine.
Signature scent?
Currently: Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Which era would you most like to live in?
18th century Versailles or 1950's those dresses always flattered a woman's body!

Most recent purchase?
This necklace from forever 21 - very LV SS09!

A tough one... if you were a food what would you be?
Sushi - sometimes raw (I wear my emotions on my sleeve), unique, creative and adventurous
And, finally - who is the love of your life (so far)?
I wish I could name a man at the moment... but I would have to say music. It influences me, connects with me, and helps me all at the same time.
BLOGGER'S CHOICE!!!!! If you have been wanting that "perfect" themed playlist to suit your needs, comment and tell me what kind of playlist you would like to see as next week's Weekly Top 10 Songs. If I have the songs and inspiration, you might just get chosen and the playlist would be dedicated to you. If I have already done a playlist like that, I will dedicate a former post to you:)

Monday, July 6, 2009


This is a tag that was going around the blogging world. Here is my version:

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Googled pictures of "The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers". Its a short film starring Keira Knightly as a fairy godmother of her real life boyfriend Rupert Friend. that is her above in the looks so whimsical - I really want to see this!
2. Made a smoothie
3. Made my mom a birthday cake with candy sushi on it (pictures to come)
4. Commented on other's blogs
5. Went for a walk
6. Went over to my boss' house where I am house/pet sitting, where the dog hates my guts and would only bark and growl at me.
7. Talked to my friend about finding Harry Potter tickets
8. Listened to some Jenny Lewis

8 Things I Wish I could do (& will do!)
1. Go to Europe this summer.... anywhere really
2. Play the guitar
3. Not get sunburned
4. Own my own business of some sort
5. Sew
6. Be better with dogs
7. Go to Bonnaroo or some other great music festival
8. Go on a mission trip

8 Things I watched recently
1. Away We Go - it is sooo incredibly good and has my lover J. Kras in it!
2. The Proposal - surprisingly funny!
3. Superbad - I finally watched it on TV the other night
4. The Sneezing Panda!!!!! HAHAHA
5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo is my summer guilty pleasure)
6. So You Think You Can Dance
7. Kathy Griffin
8. SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH!!!! on youtube possibly the funniest show EVER!!! just watch all the clips!

8 Things I Love
1. My family and friends DUH!
2. Phoenix
3. My summer job
4. My minor in college: Theatre
5. Planning parties
6. Summer dresses (people think I don't own pants)
7. Laughing
8. No school work

BLOGGER'S CHOICE!!!!! If you have been wanting that "perfect" themed playlist to suit your needs, comment and tell me what kind of playlist you would like to see as next week's Weekly Top 10 Songs. If I have the songs and inspiration, you might just get chosen and the playlist would be dedicated to you. If I have already done a playlist like that, I will dedicate a former post to you:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Because of summer being a heavy traveling time, here is a playlist dedicated to the modes of transportation that get us to our destinations:

1. Trains to Brazil - Guillemots
2. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
3. Caravan Girl - Goldfrapp
4. Southbound Train – Jon Foreman
5. My Tin Car – Emily Wells
6. A Track and A Train – Shout Out Louds
7. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
8. Penny On A Train Track – Ben Kweller
9. Plane Crash in C – Rilo Kiley
10. The Train – Big Boi


BLOGGER'S CHOICE!!!!! If you have been wanting that "perfect" themed playlist to suit your needs, comment and tell me what kind of playlist you would like to see as next week's Weekly Top 10 Songs. If I have the songs and inspiration, you might just get chosen and the playlist would be dedicated to you. If I have already done a playlist like that, I will dedicate a former post to you. I'll probably choose a few good ideas and do it over the next few weeks, etc :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Order of the Phoenix

Not until Phoenix's Wolfgang Amadeus was I a REAL fan of theirs. It makes perfect since that I should be attracted to this band: the lead singer is the better half of the wonderful Sofia Coppola, the band appeared in her movie Marie Antoinette (pictured below) by serenading the title queen, and oh.. they make great music! Think of them as a French Vampire Weekend crossed with New Order (this album is completely English, although a French song would have been fun). They have this indie pop sound with an 80's flair, making this album a sufficient substitute for the already amazing Marie Antoinette soundtrack. Its a fun CD that will make you wanna dance around around your room while donning some 18th century couture!

**Listen to some Phoenix on my music player :)