Friday, May 22, 2009

Cute Crooners

What i look for in a guy is this: dork appeal, thick black rimmed glasses, brown hair, maybe some scruff, a "good nose", cool clothes, and musical/artistic talent. Have I found this kind of a guy yet? no - but I have seen some. These guys on this weeks playlist are both hot and musically gifted - they could serenade me anytime they want! This happens to be one of my favorite playlists for obvious reasons.

1. To Be Alone With You – Sufjan Stevens

I know he is married with kids, but he is still hot!

2. Never Think – Rob Pattinson

3. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

Lead singer Caleb Followill - has the dreamiest blue eyes ever!

4. Play The Part – Little Joy

Fabrizio Moretti was the drummer of The Strokes and Little Joy is his side project - oh yea i love Italian/Greek men!

5. Ask Her to Dance – Coconut Records

Jason Schwartzman is the singer of this indie project - also Marie's husband ;)

6. And Then You – Greg Laswell

7. I Stand Corrected – Vampire Weekend

Studious and cute!!!

8. Come Pick Me Up – Ryan Adams

Cute even though now married to the great Mandy Moore!

9. Sic of Elephants – Andrew Bird
10. Only You – Joshua Radin


Anonymous said...

what a sexy list! i love sufjan, ryan has this rufus humphrey thing going for him, who can resist jason, but if I had to pick just one it most definitely would be andrew bird! hot! haha

HiFashion said...

I love this playlist. The front men from Kings of Leon adn Vampire Weekend are both talented and gorgeous!

Erika said...

Love Vampire Weekend. And Rob Pattison goes without question. Yes, to Jason Schwartzman; but I've always fancied his brother Robert quite a bit more. Love this post! :)

La Fée said...

ooh they're all so pretty and such good artists!!

copperoranges said...

i went a strokes concert a few years ago with my bff and he handed us his beer bottle after the show! but concert security took it away from us because we were underage! UGHH! but still he walked right up to us!

ashley said...

Such a great list. I love all the boys from Kings of Leon; now there's a family with GREAT genes. Rob, Sufjan, Ryan, and Fabrizio are bomb as well. And then there's Vampire Weekend who I just can't get enough of. Awesome selection :)

Annie said...

this is such a good list! sufjan stevens is adorable, and i love his music. andrew bird is just godly, and joshua radin's songs are so sweet.

YSLGuy said...

Great playlist. I love Roberts Pattisons music and I'm a huge fan of Jason Schartzman.

Vampire Weekend are awesome. I love to listen to that album

Ash Fox said...

hot list! caleb actually hit on me about 3 years ago at a Prentenders after party. i didn't know who kings of leon were at the time. amazing blog!

la petite fashionista said...

AHH there's nothing better than a guy who is super gorgeous AND talented!

my roomie & i watched twilight for the millionth time last night & she mentioned that Rob was singing the song in the backgroun? what a man..

The Clothes Horse said...

I like those looks in a guy as well.

WendyB said...

I met Jason Schwartzman once (briefly), he was very nice and polite!

birdsandplanes said...

you said it, sister.

Cancha-diction said...

I love Greg Laswell to death. He has changed my life with his music. If you have the chance check out my latest review of his song "I'd be Lying". And thanks for letting me comment on this beautiful blog! :)