Friday, March 27, 2009

Shades of Blue

Feeling Blue?... here are some songs and items to match:

1. Blue – The Bridges

DIY figurine,

2. Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes

blazer, Smythe

3. Blue Skies - Jaymay


4. Blue Would Still Be Blue - Guillemots

dress, Issac Mizrahi

5. Blue – Cat Power


6. Blue Side - Rooney

purse, Dooney and Bourke

7. Sailors Blue - Seabear

sweater, Stella McCartney

8. F-stop Blues – Jack Johnson

dress, 3.1 Philip Lim

9. Blue Eyed Baby – Leona Naess


10. Sky Blue Sky - Wilco

dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ropes Course

The Marc By Marc Jacobs Line always seems to spark a DIY to me. The Fall 08 line had little replicable mirror brooches and his SS08 line had the LEGOS! For this years Spring 09 line, I spied ROPE jewelry.

I purchased some multicolored rope in Italy last summer because I was set on making lanyard knot necklaces. I did nothing with the rope until I saw this collection...

Instead of making those confusing lanyard knots, I basically just tied up all the ropes together to make a necklace in knots of my own.

I like how he took bright colored ropes and accessorized the muted colored outfits with it.

It's completely personal and there is no wrong way to do it - just buy some ropes and make some big knots!