Saturday, April 17, 2010


I took this picture of the Chihuli fountain at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. For some reason I thought it went well with the "lights" theme lol.
Songs containing the word "light(s)":

1. Shoot the Lights Out – The Watson Twins
2. Red Lights - Vib Gyor
3. Leave the Lights On – Priscilla Ahn
4. Keys Out Lights On - Jenny Owen Youngs
5. There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
6. Blue Light – Bloc Party
7. Baby You’re My Light – Richard Hawley
8. Lights and Music – Cut Copy
9. Traffic Light – The Ting Tings
10. Lights On – The Pierces


tess said...

that sculpture is beautiful

Chelsea Nicole. said...




ahlin said...

totally love this list! you should look up the artist lights. she is so great, especially 'drive my soul', 'saviour', and 'the last thing on your mind' :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! It's so amazing - this sculpture! I love this too!

Taryn said...

I can't wait to look these up, you always have great suggestions :)

Kat said...

fantastic picture!
ah that smith's song is one of my favourite ever