Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go Do Now

My roommate introduced my to this artist: Jonsi - the solo lead singer of Sigur Ros. I never really heard much of Sigur Ros' stuff before, but I can tell you after listening to Jonsi, I will be now. The Icelandic singer has this sprite like falsetto voice that is almost non-human. There's lots of layering, percussion and twinkle sounds throughout his album, Go. Also, some of his songs are in Icelandic, making them seem all the more magical and ethereal. This is truly one of the most beautiful albums I have heard in a long time. His music just has that feeling of inspiration and exhilaration that energizes me. Now, Go Do and listen!
Hear the song below and see the video here (it doesnt allow embedding):


Olivia Gordon said...

Sigur Ros is a great band, i highly recommend their song Olsen Olsen!

chelsea rebecca said...

i know its gonna be so awesome!!