Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Pianist

I love the sound pianos make! Here are some songs that are purely piano - no other instruments accompany them, except for maybe a voice or two:

1. Dawn – Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack
2. Ballerina – Leona Naess
3. Postcards from Far Away - Coldplay
4. Many Rivers – Charlotte Martin
5. Avril 14th – Aphex Twin
6. Typical – Laura Marling
7. Bones – Charlotte Martin
8. The Beacon – A Fine Frenzy
9. Hero – Regina Spektor
10. Internalize This – Charlotte Martin


annalusie said...

I love Dawn!!! but my favorite one from the pride&prejudice soundtrack is Georgiana :)

I wish I could play piano since it is my favorite instrument!

Alyssa said...

oh wow, what a list!
i really only listen to piano music. at the moment im listening to cherished moments by jon schmidt.

there is something about piano music that is so deep. love.