Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sun Sun Sun

First of all - Happy August - aka last full month of summer! Its actually one of my least favorite months of the year, just because by this time it is the most humid and hottest it will ever be and I am bored of summer clothes. But there is still lots of more sunshine to enjoy before the winter.... and sunny music along with it to enjoy:
1. Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
2. She’s Only Happy In The Sun – Ben Harper
3. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung
4. Looks Just Like the Sun – Broken Social Scene
5. Sunny Road - Emiliana Torrini
6. Sundrenched World – Joshua Radin
7. Song For The Winter Sun – The Loom
8. Paint Me In Your Sunshine - MariƩ Digby
9. Sunshine - Keane
10. The Sun Also Sets – Ryan Adams

^^ some pics I took of sunflowers I received for my birthday back in may. My horoscope said that flowers are the best gift you could give a Taurus (along with cookbooks and soft material lol) and I have to agree 100%. They truly are!


Vee @Novaa said...

you totally do not strike me as a Taurus.
Beautiful pictures.

Sophia said...

I love Here Comes The Sun! Probably my favorite Beatles song ever.

You forgot Walking on Sunshine!

WendyB said...

Great pix...I love sunflowers.

Taryn said...

Perfect music list to finish out summer :) If you don't know it already, you'd probably love the song sunshine by matt costa, it totally belongs in that list.

Anonymous said...

love the sunflowers!

here comes the sun is one of my favorite beatles song and sun also sets was one of the best songs off of easy tiger

Islandia Lane said...

I love Ben Harper!

Belle said...

Im a Taurus too!
Those sunflowers are beautiful!

Sydney said...

i hate august too... to me, it says - you have 8 months left of school, 8 months til next summer, and soon, you will have a coat of mosquito bites.

sunflowers are pretty (:

Lexie said...

i LOVE august! and sunflowers are so beautiful!

Erika said...

J'adore Joshua Radin...I'm so glad you featured him on this playlist! :)

taffy. said...

this post made me cheerful.
i'm seeing broken social scene soon!

yiqin; said...

My fave flwoers are lilies but sunflowers are so pretty too.