Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clean Getaway

I cannot believe it, but it is my last night home before I leave for my 2nd year of college tomorrow. Although this has been the longest (nearly 4 months) and busiest (work) summers ever - it went by incredibly fast. I always associate back to school with fall crisp weather, but here down south I won't expect that till late October. What is summer weather good for once school starts? Just like what is winter good for once Christmas is over? See my point.

Anyways... since my summer will be mentally over starting Tuesday, here is my end of the summer mix - slow, sweaty, last of the dogdaysofsummer kind of tunes. Go grab your "last" cold beverage of the season and enjoy:
1. Geography - Thao
2. Kiss Me Again – Jessica Lea Mayfield
3. Love Vigilantes – Iron & Wine
4. Is This the End? – Zee Avi
5. Clean Getaway – Maria Taylor
6. Sodom, South Georgia – Iron & Wine
7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Greg Laswell
8. Oh Boy - Duffy
9. Your Song – Kate Walsh
10. Where The Road Meets the Sun - Katie Herzig & Matthew Perryman Jones
These pictures were taken last summer with a disposable camera. My friends and I had a little picnic one night and blew bubbles - you can see more pics here. I had a lovely time with my girlfriends from home this summer and am equally excited to get back to college to see those friends. I am MUCH more at ease and less nervous about going back this year than last (rooming with good friends I already knows sure does help too!)
I am going to take a week off from blogging - until I get situated in my new place and schedule and all that. Talk to y'all next weekend! and I wish everyone good luck with starting school, moving in, etc.!


Lexie said...

i hope your second year starts off wonderfully! :-)

Anonymous said...

good luck moving in again! I return next Friday. Although this has been my longest summer ever both literally & mentally I'm sort of freaking out in a good way right now about heading back. packing is always a bit stressful as is trying to see all of my old friends, but I know once I hit DC again I'll be ecstatic! I know what you mean about being more comfortable with year 2. we already have friends, so there won't be this insane pressure to socialize 24/7, hopefully if we meet new kids it will be more organic.

Taryn said...

I would have to agree this summer has gone by the fastest out of any I can remember! good luck in your second year at college :) P.S. your playlists always make me hurry to open my itunes and take a listen

Erika said...

Have a wonderful week away from the blogosphere - you will be missed. And good luck with the move back to school. I'm sure everything will be back to normal for you once you're all settled in again! :)

Forgetmenot said...

great pĂ­ctures! I´m curious about your cover album... (

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Good luck with the move!

la petite fashionista said...

it's so different going back for your 2nd year; you feel so much more well adjusted to everything! good luck with your first week of school!


Islandia Lane said...

I tagged you to post all about you... check my blog!

yiqin; said...

Ah I have one more semster before I grad! I am scared to start working actually.

Sydney said...

you deserve at LEAST a week!

have a great second year in college!


CottonCandy said...

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