Saturday, August 8, 2009

For the Birds

cookies, Eleni's Bakery NYC
1. Birds – Emiliana Torrini
2. Caged Bird – Alicia Keys
3. Spanish Bird Song – Keren Ann
4. Blackbird – Evan Rachel Wood
5. Jailbird – M. Ward
6. Maybe Sparrow – Neko Case
7. Pretty Bird – Jenny Lewis
8. Electric Bird - Sia
9. Two Birds – Regina Spektor
10. Meadowlarks – Fleet Foxes


Cancha-diction said...

love two birds by regina spektor!

Lexie said...

i love birds! these are lovely songs!

la petite fashionista said...

been listening to the across the universe soundtrack ever since visiting the Beatles museum in Liverpool!:)

Ruxandra said...

those cookies look delicious.i've got to listen to the songs too.

Danielle de la Mont said...

Squee birdies! They look too adorable to eat :)

Erika said...

Those are too pretty to eat. I would simply gaze at them adoringly while listening to Regina Spektor's Two Birds. Love her! :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these are so cute & sweet!

taffy. said...

i adore your playlists.

Sophia said...

i love two birds! regina rocks.

and those cookies are too cute :)

Nerd Girl said...

That's a brilliant idea - I wonder if they taste good too?!

Laura said...

I am so obsessed with birds, I was thrilled to see this!

Whim Tart

Ariel & Persephone said...

Beautiful! And there's always "Birds" by Kate Nash, too!