Friday, June 8, 2007

This Day Last Year (6/8/06)

Was My 3rd day in PARIS!
(click on image to get a larger view)

The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower and the bottom.
Sun shining through the magnificent tower/Little kids playing @ recess - they have to wear little cloaks - very Harry Potter
Musee d Orsay had paintings from the impressionists, etc like Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh

Paintings in Musee d Orsay - Vincent is a little scetch looking!

Notre Dame - didn't see any hunchbacks

And here is a French themed top 10 songs of the week list:

1. I Love Paris - Frank Sinatra
2. Scenic World - Beirut
3. Ta Douleur - Camille
4. Paris 2004 - Peter Bjorn and John
5. Your Ex-Lover is Dead - Stars
6. Belle - Jack Johnson
7. Complainte De La Butte - Rufus Wainwright
8. If You Rescue Me - The Science of Sleep Soundtrack
9. La Javanaise - Madeleine Peyroux
10. Not Going Anywhere - Keren Ann


NatGigi said...

hi long time no post(that sounded funnier in my head) :)
you've just made me very nostalgic,
last year arround the same time i went to paris and barcelona with my school. Let's just say it was fantastic!
Paris est magnifique!

LML said...

i know! ive been feeling very nostalgic all summer too! its bittersweet - love the memories but i SOOOOO want to be there right now!