Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Could Play All Day if I Could

This picture was taken from that Sunday where my friends as I frolicked in our sundresses. We set the camera on timer (and set it on an unsturdy cardboard box - we're smart) and it just caught our legs. I still think its a fun picture though. The top 10 songs this week make you feel like a kid in the summer. A feeling I thing we all want and love to feel.

1. We're Going to Be Friends - The White Stripes
2. A Doodlin' Song - Peggy Lee
3. Australia - The Shins
4. Do-Re-Mi - The Sound of Music Soundtrack
5. Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul and Mary
6. All Day - Lisa Loeb
7. Jungle Gym - Jack Johnson
8. We're from Barcelona - I'm from Barcelona
9. Almost Rosey - Tori Amos
10. Quiet Town - Josh Rouse


Karen said...

nice picture, I know how hard it is to take a nice picture with a self timer!

LML said...

i know! that red light starts flashing and u have no idea in how many seconds it will go off... we took many pictures to figure out the correct timing. it was fun tho:)

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! And good playlist!:D

LML said...