Friday, June 15, 2007

Holding Out for a Hero

Since March - MARCH!, I've been searching for the perfect, preferably metallic, reasonably priced gladiator or "Aphrodite" sandal. Sure, I've got leather sandals, sure I've got gold sandals, but I've not come across my perfect marriage of the two. As shoes go, silver and gold are my neutrals because they will go with everything. Due to my un-successfulness of finding these refined pieces of leather, I think I might be willing to spend a little extra money than I would have... good thing I've been babysitting for the last 2 weeks! Wish me luck in my never ending quest!

Top:; bottom: both


The Queen said...

I Love These Shoes.

I dunno what the hell I'd wear them with, but I love 'em.

LML said...

arent they heavenly?

Anonymous said...

I really like the ones in the middle!

LML said...

me too! i finally found some gladiators (different ones).... ill post them soon!