Thursday, June 7, 2007

This Day Last Year (6/7/06)

Was my 2nd day in PARIS:
(click on image for a larger view)

Jardin de Tuleries

Au Printemps was another one of their fabulous malls/Love her dress made out of Tupperware

The Louvre - that pyramid thingy was sooooo hot inside/A famous sculpture - don't remember the name and too lazy to look it up!

Montmarte - this is that "forbidden" place in the movie Moulin Rouge /Sacre Cour (spelling?) - that picture came out really good!

MOULIN ROUGE!!!! We didn't go to a show though:(.... it might have been awkward to go to a topless show with my parents. I don't know, just a thought. But that movie is one of my favorites! / Eiffel Tower from Montmarte


Karen said...

sweet! I was in Paris two years ago in march. I also visited Sacra Cour (sp??) at night. Amazing view (also a great reverse view as it towers about everything when looking at the city from the Eifel Tower!). That was a great trip, and my first time in Europe. I recently went to Spain, and believe me if you ever get the chance, go there! It is sooo beautiful, and some less touristy parts are fun cause you really experience Spanish life. That and the fashion is amazing :)

LML said...

My friend is goes to Spain like every year (her parents are from there)... SO LUCKY!!
My family might go to italy for my graduation gift... its in the talks...ahhh EUROPE!