Friday, June 1, 2007

A Frolicking Frock

This Sunday, my friends and I have decided to go to a meadow, have a picnic, and frolic about in our breezy sundresses. I wanted the perfect dress. I know, its only a picnic and I know that that sounds soooo OCD, but anyways... It reminded me of that part in Marie Antoinette where she said that she wanted a "light dress, something she can run around in". I would have been content with some of my other sundresses. However, while browsing the sale @ Anthropolgie, I came across this:Its easy, breezy, BEAUTIFUL (cover girl) and only $50. It looks plain, but when you try it on, there's something so "country French" and special about it. Marie would love it.


Karen said...

one always needs a nice dress to just run around in!

Candice said...

i saw that dress today at anthro. I didnt get it, i got this black one with pockets instead. it was on sale too. i love your blog.

LML said...

Oh!!! i think i tried that dress on! did it have white ruffles on the top? i think it was called the tuxedo dress?
well i love anything and everything there!