Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's my birthday and I can drink if I want to

An "I Love List" - Birthday Edition:
I love my friends. Last night I went over to spend the night with my best friends from high school. My friend who had it at her house got all these balloons, made a cake and had out all this food for a little celebration. It totally made my day. At midnight we popped open some champagne and celebrated by 21st! Then we continued to talk and snack until 5am - I had work at 10am, mind you, but it was completely worth it :)
I love my the people I work for/with. They all wished me happy birthday and gave me a bottle champagne and an adorable apron. They're all just so fun!
I love sleep. Right now I am crashing BIG TIME. I even started falling asleep kinda at dinner - running on 3 1/2 hours of sleep is hard and I don't recommend it right before your b'day.
I love my parents. They took me out to a yummy sushi dinner tonight. It was my first time ordering alcohol, but since my parents made such a scene about me being 21 and how it is my birthday to the waiters, they didn't even card me, because they just assumed that we were telling the truth - which we were! Still - I wanted to be carded though! There's always a next (thousand) time (s) haha
I love how everything is in bloom. Everything is so lush and green. When I came home from work, my mom had cut all theses fresh flowers from our yard and put them in vases in my room. She knows how I love flowers (and ice cream cake, which is pictured above).
I love Anthropologie. I am on their member /shopper list thingie and they send me this adorable candle necklace with a 15% off coupon. Talk about customer service. It made my day when it arrived in the mail. I plan on using it in California :D
I love birthdays.


sofia said...

Happy B-day! I remember when i turned 18 (since in Europe the legal drinking age is 18.. some places even 16 wich i think is kinda irresponsible) and it was so cool when someone asked my id.. i turn 20 this summer and then it will be cool again couse hey, 20 is cool (but not as cool as 21!!) :---)

Ellie Grace said...

Happy birthday lovely! It's so strange that you posted that about Anthropologie, I just went there today and signed up for their catalog/email list/all the other amazing stuff they are going to send me.
I hope your birthday was/is filled with nothing but happiness. I'm sending smiles your way!

Ellie Grace

Miri said...

Happy Birthday! Birthdays really are the best. I hope you got lots of wonderful gifts and got to spend time with the wonderful people in your life =)


Miss Tiff said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have 21 million more. :)

Thelma said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like a blast!

la petite fashionista said...

YAYYYYYY you're 21! happy birthday darling :) make sure you order a fancy frou frou drink the next time you go out!


chelsea rebecca said...

hope your day was absolutely the GREATEST!!
and cheers to being 21!
and to good friends!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

Happy birthday, LML!

I LOVED turning 21! My friends baked me brownies in the shape of 21! and we played games for hours! I too had to work on my actual birthday and after one of my coworkers took me to a bar and I had my first legal drink -- a 7 in 7 on November 7th! I seriously have not had as much since my 16th birthday! I've decided my next milestone birthday will be 25, when you're allowed to rent a car! I want to rent a super fancy car and take my friends/bf/important people for a ride!

April said...

HAPPY 21!!! big year! :D

Erin said...

Happy happy late birthday. I got that same card from anthro as well. Love May Birthdays!!