Monday, September 29, 2008

Trippin' On Acid

After all my PR and now with 2 times listening fully through, I can give you a review of the magnificent album Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis. With her first solo record with the Watson Twins being my favorite CD of ALL TIME, she set the bar pretty high for her sophomore album. Its less girly and more fast paced than Rabbit Fur Coat, but still has the same timeless sound and I think Jenny's voice gets better with each album she records on. And now for an in depth profile of each song:

1. Black Sand: nice build up to the rest of the album, I've never heard her do falsetto either, I don't think

2. Pretty Bird: sly and seductive

3. The Next Messiah: an epic song! sort of like several songs all meshed into one but it works. sounds like a great festival song, if that makes sense?

4. Bad Man's World: very 70's Stevie Nicks, love the echo women's chorus in the back ground

5. Acid Tongue: My favorite on the album - I am singing it all the time. Raw and enchanting - I am just in love with it! IF ANYTHING DOWNLOAD THIS!

6. See Fernando: little country, little 60's vintage - fun song

7. Godspeed: good breakup song, but hopeful at the same time - I like very much!

8. Carpetbaggers: upbeat, lil'country twang of course

9. Trying My Best To Love You: good ol' southern summer song sound to it :) can see this in a show or movie during a breakup scene

10. Jack Killed Mom: sexy, good old rock and roll

11. Sing A Song For Them: great! can see this at and end of a movie, its quite magical

12. Pelican Bay (only on itunes): repetitive but cool and swampy


Anonymous said...

damn! i was just gonna post on this today haha ugg, actually i still might anyway, b/c our different perspectives will be nice. but i love acid tongue the most as well!

copperoranges said...

have you thought about doing album reviews for COC's newspaper? you'd be a great music editor!

la petite fashionista said...

her voice is so haunting! i like it:)

chuckles said...

sounds great

Diana Coronado said...

I like her !!

MOLLY GRAY said...



Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i love and always will love Jenny Lewis!! she is great! :)
re; yes, i am addicted to twilight..i am in love!! :D

Mimi said...

thanks for the comment.
the last pic is so nice.

Ana said...

Hmm I will check her out as you always seem to have good music suggestions.

The Clothes Horse said...

I need to listen to this. Love Jenny Lewis.

jess said...

I love this cd. I like acid tongue and see fernando best

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