Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Melodies & Desires

Don't we all purchase those certain things, that, yes we may never find the chance to wear them, but we buy them anyways so we can look at them? Headwear (hats, fun crazy headbands) are my guilty purchases. Its not that I never wear them, I do, its just I cant wear a vintage feathery cocktail hat everyday... although I wish I could. I don't know when people stopped wearing hats day to day. When you look at old movies or TV shows, a hat was as common of an accessory as earrings. Recently I came across a website called Two LA stylists created this wonderful little online store where they sell one of a kind headpieces. Clicking through all the designs I had a hard time choosing my favorites to feature on Modern Marie (as you can tell, I favored most all of them). Some are very simple, some more ornate, but the possibilities on where and when to wear these are endless: a costume party, for cocktails, a substitute for a birthday hat, the feather ones with a tank and jeans (a la Kenley from Project Runway), when you want to be a fairy, on your wedding! They will custom make them especially for you too, what ever colors you want, etc. They are just so whimsical and pixie like I had to share with you, plus doesn't it look like something Marie Antoinette would have worn with one of her beautiful dresses?

and did I mention that each one comes with a little haiku that represents the hairpiece?


Luna said...

Wow! I've fallen in love..I want one with peacock feathers..

Jackie said...

I think I just fainted.

Oh those headbands are so wonderful

the tea drinking english rose said...

wowwwwwww.... were can i purchase one of those?
i want to wear a cute something on my tousled tresses for my sister's wedding next year.

please show me the way were i can drool over one on my dressing table!

Wendy said...

That is so striking!

Julian said...

Sorry...Who's the girls that apears in the " I lykke like" ??????

She's called Lisa???????

Where did you find the pictures????


bronwyn said...

I absolutely love these, I would never wear them they wouldn't suit me personally, but I love them all the same, and if you are the kind of persom who can wear them, you can have such fun.

Ediot said...

i really like these. so cute! im making a headband tonight. braided- with an peacockfeather.

take care!

The Clothes Horse said...

I do love a head piece.

Mlev.. said...

Wow! .. i just found you page, and let me tell u is amazing! . i-m so in love whit your fashion tips, cakes, cookies and everything..
i never use my blogguer.. well almost..

But i'm here coz i want to know is you have a myspace...

see u girl!

Mlev.. said...

let see it..




Phone with a Cord said...

wow I wish I could afford these

Sydney Speel said...

peacock feathers are my favourite.

that's cool that they give you haikus!

(spell check?)

Diana Coronado said...

Wow, the look for Catwalk, i love them.

jess said...

Those are so gorgeous.

chineric said...

i like the headpieces! very clever!

atelier said...

All the Twenties inspired is adorable for me, and of course these headbands look great!

ellysa said...

Wow those are awesome. found another blog you guys will like, very modern marie inspired.


Paper Girl Productions said...

These headbands are so beautiful!! I love them all!

Romeika said...

These are the perfect antidote for any boring outfit. Wonderful.

Liv said...

these headbands are awsome! i really want one now!

Anonymous said...