Monday, May 21, 2007

Vintage Bathing Suits

What happened to those days? When bathing suits were classy, pretty and figure flattering (they have corsets on it looks like)..... Not wanting to spend $200 or actually wear a vintage bathing suit, I'm trying to find less expensive, more modern options. Here we go:

From Left: Juicy Couture @ Nordstroms, Anthropolgie, Urban Outfitters, Kmart (that one probably would only last me one season)

Today I got invited to 2 pool parties - this coming weekend - so I need to get it before Friday!
Bathing Suit shopping + finals = depressing
Any other Suggestions?


Silje said...

I love the Anthropologie one!

LML said...

me too!
hmmm... im going shopping tommorrow - ill post my result
wish me luck! (i hate bathing suit shopping)

A said...

i love the anthropologie one, I just got it.

kolin said...

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evalunamorehead said...

i am in love with the juicy one!
:D <3