Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Booty

Go to the Disney store now! Yes the Disney store. In lieu of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (which was okay) the whole store has pirate wear and a treasure chest full of these little gems (haha literally). $4. 50 for a tiny pouch of them but I couldn't resist because they reminded me of the Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 Collection ( which I am always daydreaming about). Now I was thinking I could attach them to headbands, barrettes, sandals, scarves... what do y'all think I should do with them?

I'll Post my results


Lu. said...

interesting blog ma'm ..love your taste in music and although I am not as crazy about Marie as,apparently, you are ;) there's still a place in my heart for her :D. I just started my own blog and was wondering if you would be a nice gal and tell me how do you put a picture above the profile description? ...preety please

Lu. said...

much thanks

Karen said...

oohh, you had the same idea I had! There's this cool store where I live with random bits of recycled material, and they had gems like this that I wanted to put on head bands ect. I must go to the Disney store though, I want pirate gems!