Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tables and Chairs

I have had a crush on these Louis XIV Ghost Chairs for a few years now. The shape looks like it should belong in Versailles but the clear acrylic modernizes it. I understand these are quite expensive, but I think they would look really great in my future dining room. I suppose I should start saving now!
to go along with this post about chairs, 10 songs referring to pieces of furniture:
1. Tables and Chairs – Andrew Bird
2. Big Kid Table - Thao
3. Black Tables – Other Lives
4. Folding Chair – Regina Spektor
5. Bedshaped - Keane
6. Deskchairs and Cigarettes – The Thrills
7. Under My Bed - Meiko
8. Hospital Bed – Ben Kweller
9. Sofa Song – The Kooks
10. In My Bed – Amy Winehouse


erin meagan said...

i'd like those as well!

LAUREN said...

<3 regina spektor
those chairs are so cool! i like the pink the best! xx

Lexie said...

these are really cool chairs! i love lucite anything.

Ursula said...

i do enjoy those chairs! they're like futuristic candy!

Meg said...

Those are cool. I like the blue.

labelllefille said...

These are the coolest chairs! xo

chelsea rebecca said...

fun playlist!!

tess said...

I love hospital bed, the piano is infectious!

Thanks for your comment on my final post the other day. I agree its nice to meet someone so likeminded on the blogosphere. You asked me to tell you if I ever restarted blogging and I have already...yea it was fast but I just really need it as an outlet. so you can find me back and blogging just at a different url and under my real name. stop by!