Sunday, January 17, 2010

Summer Sun

Right now it is cold, humid and raining outside and all I am daydreaming about is summer: having the cake decorating job I love, being with my best friends and family, vacation, no school work, and warmth. I have about 4 more months till I can enjoy any of that, so now all I have is summery, happy music to help get though it, like these songs:
1. Lights Out - Santogold
2. Beat (Health, Life and Fired) - Thao
3. Ice Cream – The Sound of Arrows
4. No One’s Better Sake – Little Joy
5. Ladies of Cambridge – Vampire Weekend
6. 1901 - Phoenix
7. 50 Lashes – Floating Action
8. Mr. Pitiful – Matt Costa
9. Poppy – Zee Avi
10. Rave On – M. Ward

^^ I took these pictures at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens back in the fall. I love capturing bumblebees!


Cassidy said...

i've been dreaming of summer too ! lately i've just been listening to katie herzig and zee avi and planning what i'm going to do with all my free time :}

Anonymous said...

oh I love black eyed susans!

I know what you mean about loning for the summer already. I find myself trapped in my box of a dorm room frequently on these dreary days. and despite a lot of new friends I am frequently alone, reading boring literature. It's not too glamorous or fun even. I know I could be bored at home too, but college boredom seems to be a different type. As much as you try to be your own person, I still get envious when everyone around me appears to be doing something and I'm not. It's tough. glad I'm not the only one

Erika said...

Lights Out by Santogold has been one of my favorite songs for months upon months - it is far too fabulous for words!! :)

Lexie said...

beautiful pictures!

i'm ready for the summer sun, too!

Erin said...

I love that photo with the bee on the flower. So cute! I've also been dreaming about spring and summer and usually I'm more of a fall/winter type of girl. This winter has been especially cold and grey and I'm looking forward to some green and some warmth!

Lindsay. Out. Loud said...

Your play lists never fail to make me happy! I cannot agree with #6 and #8 more, those were certainly songs that highlighted my past summer. I've always wanted to go to the Atlanta botanical gardens! I'm only 45 minutes away, yet I haven't ever gone. Sad.


AudreyAllure said...

great picks of music choices, and i can't wait until it gets warmer either :)

love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Beyond the Pale said...


You won the Let Them Eat Cake print by Blu Lima over on my post about What Would Marie Antoinette Wear Now?

Well done! Just look at my latest post for instructions on how to claim your prize. :)

Oh, and they are fabulously cheerful colours on an otherwise very grey day here in England.

Gladys Lopez said...

great photos!
spring and summer will come by fast. it'll definitely be exciting. i love the warm weather and the feeling it brings along. :D

Cicely said...

Perfect. I wasn't in a springy mood at all but these photos and the cheery songs are so lovely I can't resist!