Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Because of summer being a heavy traveling time, here is a playlist dedicated to the modes of transportation that get us to our destinations:

1. Trains to Brazil - Guillemots
2. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
3. Caravan Girl - Goldfrapp
4. Southbound Train – Jon Foreman
5. My Tin Car – Emily Wells
6. A Track and A Train – Shout Out Louds
7. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
8. Penny On A Train Track – Ben Kweller
9. Plane Crash in C – Rilo Kiley
10. The Train – Big Boi


BLOGGER'S CHOICE!!!!! If you have been wanting that "perfect" themed playlist to suit your needs, comment and tell me what kind of playlist you would like to see as next week's Weekly Top 10 Songs. If I have the songs and inspiration, you might just get chosen and the playlist would be dedicated to you. If I have already done a playlist like that, I will dedicate a former post to you. I'll probably choose a few good ideas and do it over the next few weeks, etc :)


sofia said...

i'd love to have playlist for a road trip!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

many are my favs too :)

Erika said...

Ooh...anything by Rooney, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Rilo Kiley, The Virgins, tastes are very varied. But, to tell you the truth, your playlists usually consist of songs that tickle my fancy - you are a master playlist creator! :)

Anonymous said...

penny on a traintrack is one of the best ben songs ever, the lyrics are geniusly biting, but still sweet and optimistic. and there's something about paper planes that I still love listening to despite the almost overplay

Miss Absinthe said...

I'd love a playlist to get a Royaliste (moi) through Bastille Day... s'il vous plait!

my wonderland said...

a little vintage to shake up things a little bit
whip it-devo
blitzreig bop-the ramones
do wah diddy-manfred mann
fun fun fun-beach boys
I get around-beach boys
island in the sun-weezer
rythm of the night-el debarge
calender girl- (cant remember)
heart of glass-blondie
all summer long-kidrock
are you going to hear the all?
if so tell me what do you think about it is there one you specially like?

Islandia Lane said...

I post my random playlists too but I have never themed them... how about a throwback like the "summer of 96" or some other year - flashbacks are always fun esp in the with warm weather feelings!

my wonderland said...

btw, how did you made that header its gorgeaus is there a link for that or something?

Cassidy said...

Haha !
People don't think I own pants either .

Anonymous said...

i want to go to europe this summer too...ahh its not going to happen though

Forgetmenot said...

I have to recommend you a website: There you can make your playlists (duh) and customize them!
well, maybe just the color...