Monday, July 6, 2009


This is a tag that was going around the blogging world. Here is my version:

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Googled pictures of "The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers". Its a short film starring Keira Knightly as a fairy godmother of her real life boyfriend Rupert Friend. that is her above in the looks so whimsical - I really want to see this!
2. Made a smoothie
3. Made my mom a birthday cake with candy sushi on it (pictures to come)
4. Commented on other's blogs
5. Went for a walk
6. Went over to my boss' house where I am house/pet sitting, where the dog hates my guts and would only bark and growl at me.
7. Talked to my friend about finding Harry Potter tickets
8. Listened to some Jenny Lewis

8 Things I Wish I could do (& will do!)
1. Go to Europe this summer.... anywhere really
2. Play the guitar
3. Not get sunburned
4. Own my own business of some sort
5. Sew
6. Be better with dogs
7. Go to Bonnaroo or some other great music festival
8. Go on a mission trip

8 Things I watched recently
1. Away We Go - it is sooo incredibly good and has my lover J. Kras in it!
2. The Proposal - surprisingly funny!
3. Superbad - I finally watched it on TV the other night
4. The Sneezing Panda!!!!! HAHAHA
5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo is my summer guilty pleasure)
6. So You Think You Can Dance
7. Kathy Griffin
8. SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH!!!! on youtube possibly the funniest show EVER!!! just watch all the clips!

8 Things I Love
1. My family and friends DUH!
2. Phoenix
3. My summer job
4. My minor in college: Theatre
5. Planning parties
6. Summer dresses (people think I don't own pants)
7. Laughing
8. No school work

BLOGGER'S CHOICE!!!!! If you have been wanting that "perfect" themed playlist to suit your needs, comment and tell me what kind of playlist you would like to see as next week's Weekly Top 10 Songs. If I have the songs and inspiration, you might just get chosen and the playlist would be dedicated to you. If I have already done a playlist like that, I will dedicate a former post to you:)


little shadow said...

Summer Heights High is the funniest show ever!!
We have the entire season on dvd, i was watching it the other night.
I've always wondered whether the humour makes sense in the US, but i'm assuming it does.
haha x

Sara said...

I LOVE Summer Heights High. But I can't decide who I love more...Jamie' , Jonah , or Mr. G. LOVE LOVE LOVE because it is pee my pants funny. Extacy Extacy E E E E Extecy!! Thanks little shadow, I need to purchase this like NOW!

my wonderland said...

I would love a playlist about old songs (mostly from the 60s)
I would love to go to Europe too
where are you from Im just curious
adorable bog (I have you in my blogroll)

Anonymous said...

i tagged you in another cool survey

do you mind if I do a post on the lamentable saga...I had been thinking about it...

Forgetmenot said...

I would love a playlist about a)party on the beach (the "summer jam" kind of one) b)Music you can hear when it´s some sort of depressing summer doing nothing and the only thing you got to do is watch re-runs of "the OC" and watch all those attractive people dancing and partying and getting drunk and dopes, and your just there, watching... (that sounded freakier than intended) c)"Summer Love" d)Slow vacations: in the sunshine but with no big action, just you, watching the fall lightly.
And... well I think that´s it! ;)

Lexie said...

wow! that screen shot of keira is so neat. i want to check this out.

i cant wait to see your birthday cake! your party ideas are so awesome. you (will) make a great small business owner!

Islandia Lane said...

I posted 'eights' on my blog and tagged it back to you - thanks for the inspiring thoughts today! and I also can't wait to learn to play the guitar!

Erika said...

Why have I never seen Summer Heights High before? I'm convinced that I would adore it! :)

Hillary H. said...

jealous! i want to see away we go!!
and how you've gotten me really interested in that Keira Knightley film.

taffy. said...

road trip?

i adore summer heights high

"spin chinaman spin!"


cool blog!

Cancha-diction said...

I love summer heights! I can watch it over and over again! Whose your favorite character? I love Jonah!

silver_crystal said...

Try the other series by the same guy, Chris Lilley, "We Can Be Heroes"

Or of corse Flight of the Conchords.