Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baked Sushi

This is the "Sushi Cake" I made for my mom on her birthday (its actually Chunky Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - note: Instead of putting in in a 9X13, I put it in two 9 inch round pans - but you could do any flavor cake) because our family looooves sushi and I didnt feel like making the real stuff :)

The "sushi" part is actually homemade rice krispies treats formed with various candies and grape fruit leather. I just sort of played around with it - it was fun and pretty easy to make! There are tons of recipes and tutorials online - I didn't follow any one in particular but I just read a lot of them and went from there; Google "Candy Sushi". One batch of homemade rice krispies from the box makes a lot of "rice" for some trial and error.

I asked the sushi chef at my grocery store to give me some of those grass liners they put in the to go sushi boxes to go around the sides of the cake.

Swedish fish, gummy worms, orange jelly beans.

I recommend heating up the fruit leather (the seaweed) in the microwave a little before rolling it out, it makes it more pliable.

and to go with this whole sushi post, a Japanese themed playlist:

1. Sushi – Kyle Andrews
2. Life in Technicolor - Coldplay
3. Love Letter to Japan – The Bird and the Bee
4. Mock Origami – Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
5. Electric Feel - MGMT
6. Konichiwa Bitches - Robyn
7. Candyland - Cocorosie
8. Kaze Wo Atsumete – Happy End
9. Strawberry Swing – Coldplay
10. Tokyo – Telekinesis
11. Touch of My Hand – Britney Spears
12. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love – Coldplay


little shadow said...

Wow, you have truly outdone yourself.
You have a real talent!
Just amazing.

birdsandplanes said...

amazing. everytime i read your blog, i want to go bake something beautiful. you are very inspiring.

Erika said...

You made that yourself? You are uber talented! You should open up your own little cake shop! :)

Anonymous said...

strawberry swing is my favorite CP song off of the new album :)

this looks fantastic! I've seen candy sushi online before, and although it was a really unique adorable idea this one looks the most professional! My best friend/future roomy loves to bake so I've already told her she must make this dessert this fall hehe

Danielle de la Mont said...

*speechless in awe*

Belle said...

That cake looks amazing!

la petite fashionista said...

goddd you're so creative! this is so amazing (& is making me crave sushi haha). how is your cake decorating job going?!

WendyB said...

This is incredible! You have so much talent.

Lexie said...

this is so neat! you have so many great ideas!

erin said...

cutest thing EVER.

thischicksgotstyle said...

Hahha, that is so cool!!
And thanks for your sweet comment!


Diary of a Young Designer said...

Wow, now that is an awesomely creative cake! Great job! Love the Japan Playlist!


The Clothes Horse said...

That cake is fantastic--really well done!

J said...

OMG that is to DIE FOR!!! I love it so much!! I want to try it now haha :)

Teresa-Victoria said...

That is so clever!! Makes me crave sushi haha x

Sophia said...

that is absolutely amazing! i definitely thought it was real sushi at first glance, haha.

yay for the coldplay songs on the japanese playlist! i love coldplay :)

FashionLagniappe said...

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LJ said...

that is so pretty! and yummy looking.
xx-LJ from SOS!

Taryn said...

I just discovered your blog for the first time and I truly LOVE it. That cake is stunningly cute. Fashion, Music, and Baking fall top 3 on my list of faves and you cover it all :)

Lindsay. Out. Loud said...

This is quite honestly one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Sushi is my most favorite food in the world, I can't imagine how happy I'd be to eat an adorable cake like that! You've got great talent and creativity :)

Sabrina ♥ said...

i thougt it was real sushi ! hahah . awesome cake. really creative !

You Are My Fave said...

Oh, love it. What amazing decorating skills you have.

Ruxandra said...

from now on, i'm gonna make my playlist using the songs in your many new names, all incredible.