Friday, February 27, 2009

Road Trip

Today is the official start of my spring break! I am flying home for the week to summer job hunt and catch up with friends - but I know many people (like my college friends) are taking a road trip. Here are some tunes that I like to drive to:
1. Beautiful Calm Driving - Sia
2. No One Gets Left Behind - Devotchka
3. Winding Road – Bonnie Somerville
4. Standing Still - Jewel
5. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. Along The Way - Devotchka
7. Hotel Paper – Michelle Branch
8. Be Here Now – Ray LaMontagne
9. The Last Beat Of My Heart - Devotchka
10. We Went For A Ride – Fefe Dobson

**no more midterms = more time to blog this week :)


copperoranges said...

lucky you!

i still have two more weeks until spring break!

la petite fashionista said...

i have one more week! but i'm working for the first half to make some extra money for Europe.

good luck job hunting dear! :)

taffy. said...

these songs are so sweet.
i can't wait for break.

Anonymous said...

perfect mix!

Erika said...

Good luck with the job hunt. Have a wonderfully fabulous Spring Break full of mix tapes and bikinis!

erin meagan said...

fefe is awesome! i met her at a concert and she was so sweet!

Casey Lewis said...

Michelle Branch and Fefe Dobson take me back to a wonderful road trip during high school! What a great mix, have a wonderful break!

The Clothes Horse said...

Lucky you! Have a fantastic road trip and spring break.

yiqin; said...

Have a good week :)

wickedapple said...

ive been reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to say that cause of you i got to know great artists and you have the most amazing taste in music and fashion (:

Belle said...

I want to go on a road trip so badly.