Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Commercial Club

Commercials are the new Myspace when finding new bands, Apple started it all with their cute fun song choices that introduced the country to their favorite new song by a new artist (to us indie music people, we already knew these bands hehe). Some songs are especially made for commercials (like that adorable 100 Calorie Oreo Candy Bites commercial - look it up on youtube) and can never be bought on itunes :( How do we fix this commercial jingle problem? SLOW CLUB!

This British boy and girl duo are the voices behind the newest and cutest Lay and Ritz Cracker Ads.

Cute, childish, playful, and summery is their sound, and ironically its not too "commercial" sounding. They haven't released their full CD yet, rather just little singles from their commercials and EPs. Check them out on itunes now and listen with a bag of Lays or some Ritz Crackers.



Erika said...

I'm absolutely in love with these pictures!

The Clothes Horse said...

Is it wrong to be interested in their music solely because she has awesome hair???

copperoranges said...

um i have listened to "sweet disposition" about 2893892 times since you posted the 500 days trailer. i'm contemplating choreographing to it. hmmmm.

la petite fashionista said...

i love the braids! the photography is really cute:)

Katia said...

awww the song is so cute!
I love it =]