Sunday, May 11, 2008


Tomorrow on May the 12th at 11:57 PM I will enter my last year of teenage hood (aka its my 19th birthday). A little sigh of relief, a little sadness. As a pre-teen, movies and TV shows definitely gave me a false idea of being a teenager: I would be beautiful and popular and have a boyfriend, have the coolest car, and well I guess just be "perfect". Looking back my expectations were sort of hilarious, but I'm not sad about how my teen years have been. Seriously I have the best friends a girl could ask for who help make the teen years playful and fun like they are supposed to be. Late night talks, going to the grocery store in the middle of the night to get junk food, running around a field on the first day of summer with sparklers, and skinny dipping are all the things that have made my teenage years so special. I am excited to go on with the next year of my life which will contain: graduating high school (ironically tomorrow is my last day of high school), going to Italy, and going to college. So, happy birthday to me lol! I want to make the absolute most out of my last year of teenagehood!
I'm not having a birthday party this year because I'm having a graduation party next weekend. And I'm not expecting many gifts either, but here is my wish list (emphasize the WISH part lol)

OF course this week's playlist all has to do with being a teen:
1. Teen Angst - M83
2. Teenage Kicks - Seabear
3. Teenager - Camera Obscura
4. Thirteen - Ben Kweller
5. Seventeen - The Cat's Miaow
6. That Teenage Feeling - Neko Case
7. Teenager - The Thrills
8. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
9. Sixteen - Los Super Elegantes
10. Teenage Hustling - Tori Amos


WendyB said...

Happy bday to a chick young enough to be my daughter. Augh!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! there's actually a tegan and sara song called nineteen, but your music pics are fab- i love anything ben kweller or the thrills

cute cookies! i always love when you post cookies!

cannot wait for the new death cab cd, and the my concert coming up! btw how was she & him? amazing right?

i want the loubs & the oscar de la renta dress too haha, don't think ill be getting it either

school is out for me in 2 weeks, its torture, plus i have way too much to do, but then i'll finally be out of this hellhole yay!

Candice said...

happee burfdae
eat a cupcake
be merry and
cause a little mischief.
i hope you get everything that you ask for.

mary said...

I'm a silent lurker of this blog, and I love it. The dresses are really cute.

But I had to delurk myself to wish you a happy birthday! Make er good!

Aisha said...

aweomse wishlist
i want duffy's cd too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, darling. Don't worry, 19 is a good age (i guess, I'm 17 and it sucks, all my friends are a year older than me and they can enter to clubs and I always have to arrive earlier, before the VIP has arrived, haha).

Golden Calf said...

Happy Birthday!

My cousin went to Italy for a year when she was 16 and had a BLAST, so I'm absolutely positive you'll tons of fun.

I had a lot of those same expectations, but I've figured out that I'll have to put most of them on hold (and I still have 2 more years...oh joy)

ps: I was so eyeing those headphones on fred flare. and someone better get you cupcakes! it's basically a bday requirment.

August said...

Happy Birthday! If I were you I'd give up all those other gifts and just push for the Louboutins! Hope it is a wonderful last teen birthday!

Cate said...

happy birthday, modern marie!

i'm so happy you included "smells like teen spirit" in your playlist! NIRVANA is my favourite band!

la petite fashionista said...

Happy Birthday darling! high school is much overrated, college will be a wonderful experience for you. Also, whats your italy itinerary? I visited rome, venice, florence & milan last summer, but not for nearly long enough:/
xoxo, lauren

roxanne said...

happy birthday!

i also harbored the most erroneous ideas possible about adolescence. because of saved by the bell, i automatically assumed that my entire high school career would be spent hanging out by my locker in cool clothes, looking for a date to the next school dance.

and ditto on the jason mraz album. i have a deep and unnaturally profound love for anything and everything that has to do with jason mraz.

miss hautttefashion said...

Happy Birthdayy :]

your wishlist is amazing, wish hard!

Belle said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
My birthday is really close to yours, its was on Saturday, the 10th. Have a really great birthday!

The Clothes Horse said...

I want it all! Happy birthday. Being past teen-dom is what it's all about.

saray said...

happy birthday!!!
Great wishlist :)

Kool Thing said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lovely day with lots of treats and surprises. Excellent playlist as usual too.

Sam said...

ahh it was your birthday too?!?
Happy Birthday and lovely wishlist!!

Belle said...

happy birthdayyy!!!! i love the wishlist, we apparently have the same want-gene or something. seriously though i hope your 19th year rocks hard! <3

Ragamala said...

I have the Duffy cd!
it's simply amazing to listen to!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday darling! Hope you had a fun time and Italy goes well, where about are you going?
Xx Holly

donna AND navaz said...

I LOVE all your wishlist choices! Aahhh, teenager years are so special but it gets even better in your twenties. PS, I've stolen that pic of the balloon (what I'm going to do with it I have no idea).


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