Wednesday, May 7, 2008


some Feist Lyrics :)

Ive been tagged like 27027 times and have had no time to do them until now. Thank you for tagging me though, I love tags. Finals, planning graduation parties, finishing 4 scrapbooks for friends, etc are sort of taking over my life!

6 Quirks

1. I announce to my friends when I'm about to burp (which happens more than i would like). I guess it makes it less offensive if I acknowledge it lol (not really). At this point they just laugh.

2. I have to eat cereal at LEAST once a day - its a horrible addiction

3. I have a slight southern accent (so I've been told by some of my Yankee friends hehe)

4. I keep a "money diary" of how much I spend and how much I make - so I always know exactly how much I have to spend or save.

5. I ALWAYS write in cursive, which people totally love, or totally cant read.

6. I love being pale or fair, which is an odd thing for a teenager to want I guess.

Five Things...
found in my bag:
1. TI-83 yucky
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. every color highlighter (yes I'm one of those kinds of girls)
4. lead
5. textbooks and notebooks

found in my purse:
1. camera
2. cell
3. wallet
4. never ending TO GET list
5. sunglasses (like my new Chanel/Olsen esque round black ones with gradating lenses)

in my room (favorite):
1. fairy pillow
2. pink poodle piggie bank I got in Paris
3. a Maire Antoinette esqe basket
4. all my teapots I've collected
5. Audrey Hepburn treasures book

I've always wanted to do:
1. go on a road trip
2. go rock climbing
3. be in a movie
4. own a business
5. start an indie magazine

I'm currently into:
1. "Pretty Good Year" by the Vitamin String Quartet (buy it now!!!)
2. disposable cameras
3. the idea of forest green nail polish
4. quoting The Parent Trap
5. daydreaming about my trip to Italy in 2 weeks :D


The Clothes Horse said...

I wish I loved being pale, since I am having the darndest time changing it!

Anonymous said...

Heyy you're blog looks great, and you seem like a cool person too!


I'll keep coming!

- Dream Out Loud!
. Raspberry

Anonymous said...

loved the post! I apparently don't have very much of a minnesotan accent even though everyone I meet expects me to be all, "Minne SOOOTAH", although I do pronounce "bag" like "beg" ooops haha

haha i love how you write in cursive and its either loved or illegible, i can't even read my cursive haha, so its a no go for me, wait actually I can't read my printing sometimes haha

i love the audrey hepburn book, best gift ever!
the parent trap is "a brilliant beyond brilliant" movie, one of my all time favs, before ll was psycho haha. italy!? please tell all!

Anonymous said...

i'll never tell my kiki source, it's too nerdy/embarassing haha

ok, i guess i'll fess up

jen said...

i've never left 3 comments at once but i'm feeling rather compelled!

you should totally start an indie magazine! you can do it online to start...your blog is kinda like one anyway. :) just my 2 cents!

Ana said...

Aha I eat cereal every day as well, its a good snack. And I love being pale, I;m an obsessive sunblock applicant.

Ana said...

Aha I eat cereal every day as well, its a good snack. And I love being pale, I;m an obsessive sunblock applicant.

Ana said...

Aha I eat cereal every day as well, its a good snack. And I love being pale, I;m an obsessive sunblock applicant.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

tagging is super fun except now ou have to tag someone else

taffy. said...

Aw, I LOVE the idea of forest green nail polish. Let's do it!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I've been on small road trips but I haven't been able to go on a really big one...someday...

donna AND navaz said...

Please can we see the collection of teapots...

Anonymous said...

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