Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Pajama Game

So the reason for my serious lack of posts is because I have a lead in a musical called "The Pajama Game". Rehearsals ran until 8 and I had them on the weekends too. But finally all our hard work has paid off! We had our show Thursday, Friday, and tonight. It's so much fun, but very exhausting! Anyways above is our T-shirt and program design that I drew and below is how it looked on the shirts.

The play was an old Dorris Day movie and has been on Broadway. You might of heard that song before called "Steam Heat"? It takes place in the 50's, so of course the costumes are awesome lol! I usually don't like my costumes in plays, but I'm in love with all of them in this play- shirt dresses, full skirts, pencil skirts, a Mrs. cleaver hair do, etc. so this week's playlist has a sort of 50's sound to it:

1. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me - The Pipettes
2. My Boyfriends Back - The Raveonettes
3. Sisters - The Puppini Sisters
4. You Make Me Feel So Young - Frank Sinatra
5. I Love How You Love Me - Camera Obscura
6. Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima
7. Old Cape Cod - Patti Page
8. Tea For Two - Pink Martini
9. Happy Feet - Shall We Dance Soundtrack
10. You Belong To Me - Tori Amos

**starting Monday I'll finally be posting more than once a week - I'm excited!


alluretone said...

oo nice :) btw, referring to the previous post, the pictures are ace. i just love the sunshine and the beautiful flowers and the tree, i just want it to be warm and summery already!

Belle said...

Cute logo. Congrats on the part in the play. I know play week is really tiring.

copperoranges said...

break a leg!

SICK. said...

ooh, congratulations !

ps i love frank sinatra.


The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha, I have totally seen this with Doris Day...

Anonymous said...

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Candice said...

the pajama game
its the game we play..

no way i was in the pajama game too
in the 7th grade that is

Anonymous said...

wow! the lead! i'm surprised you had any time to post! cute t-shirts! can you post cotumes maybe? cute retro playlist btw

pretty flower photos in the post below :)

In Yr Fshn said...

Congrats! I love that movie so very much and the design looks great!

Ana said...

The play looks so cute. My class is doing Damn Yankees right now. I have no on stage talents so I'm doing costumes and program design.

Tru said...

can't wait for more posts and nifty shirt

SKYLA said...

wow, i love your drawings for the program and tshirt! Hope it went well!

la petite fashionista said...

great work designing the logo! you are so lucky to already have some work in your portfolio

Sam said...

i really love your t-shirt design!

Anonymous said...