Friday, March 21, 2008

Fairy Ring

Spring is a day away and the weather is actually starting to warm up, with including the inevitable April showers. I loved these photos from the March issue of NYLON. Absolutely breathtaking and I think really capture the essence of spring: dewy, flowery, and fairy-like. Oh how I wish I could go put on a pair of wings, a summer dress, and go sprinkle fairy dust all over the yard hehe :)

Of course the week's playlist with songs that give off that feeling of springtime:

1. Birds - Kate Nash
2. I'll Be Your Man - The Elected
3. Tiergarden - Rufus Wainwright
4. Marry Me - St. Vincent
5. Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson
6. Fidelity - Regina Spektor
7. No Poem - Inara George
8. Are We Different - Priscilla Ahn
9. Jack and Jill - Katie Herzig
10. Love the World You Find - The Flaming Lips

For more springness: Flower Pictures, Butterfly Cupcakes, and My Favorite Cake


Ana said...

that Nylon shoot was so absuloutly delicate and lovely. I cant wait for Spring although flowers are already blooming here in Rome.

Kool Thing said...

Those scans are beautiful! And I'm definitely approving of your soundtrack!

Anonymous said...

oo cool photos! where is my NYLON!? haha

i love kate nash & rufus wainwright!

have you bought the new she &him CD yet? i'm very excited to pick it up today finally, although i kinda wish it was coming out during summer, it has a summer vibe haha

Fashion Ivy said...

Lovely pictures

The Clothes Horse said...

It was one of my ambitions last spring to make and wear a daisy chain one day...I did it too!

Romeika said...

This is such a lovely shoot!!

Aisha said...

I love the kinda bedhead hair from the first picture, very pretty, i want my hair long as hers.

Lovely playlist, also. I love it when you post the 10 inspiring songs.

SICK. said...

good job nylon.
& you :], for posting it.


Anonymous said...

oo need to watch the pumpkin soup video!

i'm so glad i finally got the she&him CD! i LOVE it! it has this country/50s vibe and zooey has that incredibly gorgeous & unique voice! plus did you see she thanked jason schwartzmann awww :)

Anonymous said...

oh sorry i forgot to mention this in the previous comment I wrote about oh 5 seconds ago! (haha sorry, blogger ADD tonight ;)

but i think you'd really like pushing daisies. haha not that i know you personally or anything, but judging from what you post it seems up your alley :) it's fun, original, and sweet. and yes as you said, lee pace is "a looker" hehe

copperoranges said...

Those are great spring songs! You have great taste in music!!

Ediot said...

great post! love the images. and the music tips! have a good day!

Golden Calf said...

Great playlist, it's been keeping me inspired while I finish up my spring cleaning/gardening!

Anonymous said...


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