Friday, March 14, 2008

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

cookies, Eleni's Bakery NYC

Yes, I am part Irish (even got the red hair to prove it), so my family actually has shamrock decorations and we eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patty's Day. I think its a cute holiday ;) so I actually put together a playlist concerning rainbows, luck, gold and also 2 awesome bands from Ireland:

1. I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow - The Flaming Lips
2. Spitting Games - Snow Patrol
3.Vertigo - U2
4. Gold Lion - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5. Lucky - Britney Spears
6. Rainbows in the Dark - Tilly and the Wall
7. Tears of Gold - Ryan Adams
8. Fools Gold - Katie Herzig
9. How Lucky We Are - Meiko
10. Beautiful Rainbow - The Elected

this is a drawing I did for my school's 5k fundraiser that's happening tomorrow. Its on the green tees and metals :)

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!


Candice said...

i had no idea it is going to be st patricks day.

Nicole Then said...

lol, yummy funny! hm, what's st patrick's day?

ChiliLady said...

I wish we in Austria would celebrate such a day :-))!!

saray said...

never heared about st patrick's day before.

SICK. said...

i'm irish too ! & i have red hair as well. actually it's strawberry blond, but close enough.
happy almost st.patty's !
oh &ps nicole : it's the seventeenth.


The Clothes Horse said...

We might be slightly Irish, but regardless my mother is a BIG fan of corn beef and cabbage, and soda bread and potatoes, etc.

labelllefille said...

St. Patricks day IS a fun holiday. I'm in no way Irish so we don't really celebrate it, but I never forget to wear green! =]

jayne said...

hehe cute post! i'm usually always out of the country (on spring break vacay) during st. patty's however this year i actually get to eat corned beef & cabbage in state! woohoo! haha

i'm also irish and dorkily enough, I do have the "everyone loves an irish girl" urban outfitter's t-shirt haha

love snow patrol & ryan adams as always :)

jayne said...

i just realized something super weird, that half of the comments on this post so far don't know what st patrick's day is!? wow, it really is more american than I realized haha

discothequechic said...

I love reading your playlists; you always come up with such genius titles tp suit the subject!

Aisha said...

I love redheads :)
Awesome playlist, I'm very into the flaming lips lately.

PS. You've been tagged by me, answer it just if you have time, don't worry!

penelope said...

hahah heard of st patty's; but absolutely no idea wht it is!

but corned beef is def yummy(((:

Jennifer said...

I'm not irish but i love st. pattys day as well. i do enjoy eating corn beef and cabbage with my irish friends! great post and awsome shirt for a good cause! enjoy your St. Pattys day


Aisha said...

That's so cool you're doing the meme, can't wait to read your answers!

In Yr Fshn said...

Great list! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Wendy said...

The cookies are oh so cute!