Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Ghost That Carries ME Away...

If you love Garden State or other Zack Braff soundtracks, then you will love Searbear's debut disk, The Ghost That Carried Us Away. I love the violin and romantic feel to it, yet it sounds modern and mystical (not in a new age-y way! no!) - some even harvesty (love the odd adjectives?). It makes you wanna skip around or walk quietly through the woods at night. I recommend the ENTIRE CD - you wont be sorry!

and who could resist a band called Seabear - how cute, right?

**check out some of their songs on the music player

Oh and another thing! If you are a redhead, you will greatly appreciate this article @ (today's post) - I DID! Go us!
I love the Lucy quote!


Karen said...

hey I know this is completley off topic but me and a friend want to have a garden party and since you have put on some amazing parties I was wondering if you would share you wisdom. please e-mail me at:

so we can talk more and share ideas!

dusk&summer said...

in response to your question
kate moss? overrated for sure

Romeika said...

I loved "Garden State" the film though i don't recall its soundtrack, i should definetely listen to it sometime. Loved your blog's description.

ambika said...

Unlike Romeika, I loved the soundtrack but not the film. Since the Shins are on a local label, I was actually a little surprised anyone famous knew who they were. I'll definitely be checking out this band.

Tru said...

gotta check it

Aisha said...

I'll try to download some music from Searbear =), though i haven't seen garden state.

Redheads are cute =) I'm going to read the susie bubble post about them =)