Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cover Yourself Up!!!

To go along with this weeks playlist and colder weather - I've paired up songs with clothes! All the songs have to do with body parts, and the clothes are meant to cover that part up (lol this is not supposed to sound perverted). Anyways - Enjoy!
1. Arms - Seabear

American Apparel
2. Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson

3. Collarbone - Fujiya & Miyagi

4. Four Left Feet - The Ditty Bops

clockwise from top: Urban Outfitters;; Deliahs; Forever 21

5. Flathead - The Fratellis

Urban Outfitters

6. Grazed Knees - Snow Patrol
American Apparel

7. Long Legs - The Magic Numbers

8. No Legs - Adam Green
Urban Outfitters

9. Sea Legs - The Shins
J. Crew

10. Toes - Norah Jones

J. Crew


la petite fashionista said...

you are so creative! love the playlist of the week :D


la petite fashionista said...

you are so creative! love the playlist of the week :D


WendyB said...

I love the playlist of fashion!

Jackie said...

very very very nice post.

the hats are so out there and crazy. i wish i could pull them off!

ambika said...

I love this, especially because your finds are sooooo cute. Especially loving that Fred Flare coat!

Alexa said...

you always make the more adorable playlists!

Romeika said...

Very cool choice of clothes and accessories! Love all the shoes, the silvered one reminds of those "charleston" shoes from the 1920s and the oxford shoes are beautiful. And the hat with a net on, wow!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

love that jacket! and as always your taste in music is impeccable- i am addicted to the shins (i like their older stuff better, esp those to come, saint simon, and new slang), snow patrol (one of my all time favorites, they're fantastic live, somewhere a clock is ticking is genius), and the fratellis (whistle for the chior is amazing!)

Anonymous said...

btw, i just did a post on across the universe, thought you'd be interested b/c you asked me about it, so check it out! :)

Jennifer said...

Omigosh that green pea coat is to die for, i'm checking out the fred flare web site right now

cotton candy said...

hahaha!! that's amazing!! pairing up clothes with music. definetly a hit!

penelope said...

love love the socks and shoes!! haha!! owell; not the j crew owell. hehe! i love this post! haha!

anyhow thanks for d comment. and dont be sad? be glad tt they're fine now.. alright?

Flashy_Shades said...

who knew that fred flare made such cute coats?!

Ana said...

ahh you always have the most adorable posts! that fredflare coat is a great pop of color.

Anonymous said...

i loveddd those JCrew trousers, but when i tried them on they just did not work
creative post though!

In Yr Fshn said...

I have a vintage dress exactly like the No Legs UO dress. That's Betsy Johnson, right? I'll have to take pictures; the resemblance is crazy. Also love your playlist!

Tru said...

so cute but I especially love the socks

Shopaholic D said...

fun idea! nice selections!

:) D