Monday, July 16, 2007


Emma Watson - shes my new favorite person! It seems that her Harry Potter publicity circuit is over, and I will miss that because I just love seeing what she will wear! She always looked so pulled together - but not in an annoying way. There's nothing too different about the way she dresses - but I guess I like it because it's all very wearable and looks effortless. I'm a bit obsessed with that last dress - the Chanel one with the beads that looked like candy/medicine tablets. ... and I'm digging her hair too! I always have a new hair style for the beginning of each school year and I've been wanting to cut my hair short for a while so we'll see if mine comes out as good as hers! AND rumor has it that she will be Chanel's new muse!
What do you think? (click on image for larger view)


Kat said...

Well, it can't be denied that Emma Watson hasn't come along away! From dreary, plum, chiffon, princess dresses, in that awkward transistion phase, to fully fledged fashion darling in Chanel haute couture; Emma is certainly one to watch on the red carpet.
Loving your blog:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait too see her in the future - she always looks pulled together and great

by the way, love the blog, mind if i link?

Ana said...

i do think she looks pulled together and the outfits she wears suit her. however i havent seen an outfit thats quite my thing yet.

Katie said...

I love her. She's so chic and put together. It excites me she's going to be the new Chanel muse.

lluviaschick said...

wow, I have to admit that her style is impressing me