Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Current Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Marine Scene

**haha instead of taking a pic of my hand, I decided to do that thing they do in magazines :P (i used to have a problem with using exclamation points, now I think its smiley faces - but what can I say? I'm a happy person!)


kate said...

i love that nail polish color!!!
and thanks for the tip about the red lipstick :D

penelope said...

wow!! tt color's beeyootiful!! shimmers are definitely in vogue now!!

as for how u "showcase" yr cute polish, i guess tt comes wif d experience=p

btw, is tt yr pic in yr blog?? u haf shocking grey eyes!! nice((: i'm jealous of u alr=p

MissGigi said...

hi darling,
lovely mermaidy nail polish :)
so yes about Daisy, it's not officially out yet,but soon will!
gosh i cant wait!

alexgirl said...

That color is to die for. So Emerald City!

Anonymous said...

i love that kind of nail polish...it is the only drugstore brand i have tried that stays put for more then 2 days or so.
plus the color is great - so summery!

LML said...

yup, thats me! usually my eyes are hazel - but they change depending on the colors im wearing... i guess they do look kinda grey in that pic...

penelope said...

haha thanks for yr comment(: really made my day..
yupp. pretty eyes..
as for d piccs. haha. gta wait till the 4th!!

gna link u!!!

la petite fashionista said...

haha i love your current nail polish posts! i painted my nails white the other day after i saw it on brittany snow in a magazine and i wanted to borrow your idea :D (i have issues with ! and smiley faces as well haha)

Chloe said...

gorgeous color

Tru said...

very cool and nice color my nails are currently painted electric blue

Ana said...

wow you always have cool nail polish *sigh* i just stick to the same french manicure over and over again

Kat said...

I'm always too lazy to paint my nails but that don't stop from loving the varnish!! Great photography:-D
Presently i'm an exclamation mark freak!!!(you see!) I used to loathe them, now i just can't stop using them!!!!

penelope said...

haha plaid skirt?? wow tt's so preppy!!!
haha, owell, i'm lucky i can ged to wear whtever i want for skl=p

update yr blog!! interested to know wht u're gna say next!!

donna AND navaz said...

Oh I love an exclamation mark!! And a splodge (ahem, that I believe is the technical term for those magazine-type make-up spills)!