Saturday, June 26, 2010

Show Me Your Teeth

Yes, that is Mother Monster (aka Lady Gaga) sporting vampire grillz. She would.
As the whole world knows, Twilight Saga: Eclipse is coming out, and with a new movie comes a new fabulous soundtrack. I was disappointed with the teenypunkness on the first Twilight soundtrack, but after they hired a new music supervisor the music on these past two installments has been just splendid. New Moon was fantastic and Eclipse is even better. Vampire weekend, Florence + the Machine and Sia are all on the same CD AND singing all new songs. It makes me so happy.
Still, it's fun to make up my own soundtrack to the movie, so here is the Modern Marie Eclipse Soundtrack:
1. Teeth – Lady Gaga
2. Howl – Florence + The Machine
3. Bella – Angus and Julia Stone
4. Wicked Blood – Sea Wolf
5. Mt. Washington – Emily Wells
6. Blood On the Snow – Horse Feathers
7. My Boy Builds Coffins – Florence + The Machine
8. Bleeding – Animal Collective
9. Warm Blood - Seabear
10. Monster – Lady Gaga
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Lexie, Little Boat said...

i am sooo tempted to see this movie, but i have no one to see it with! bah!

tess said...

I am embarrassingly pumped for this film. I have no idea why, tacky vampire melodramas seem to get me through the tough times like finals, snow weeks, and general summer boredom. It's weird b/c I was never a twihard when I read the books (and I still wouldn't call myself a twihard), I hated them even but got sucked in against my better judgement, but the movies somehow struck a chord with me, maybe it's all of Bella's flannel, the gorgeous scenery, Taylor's abs, and those amazing soundtracks! I am addicted to the Unkle song and that Sia ballad, aww! I think wicked blood would make a great addition to the soundtrack

Kat said...

Oooh love your soundtrack! Florence, Animal Collective, bit of Gaga - nice mix!
Must check out the actual soundtrack too

Thelma said...

she's so crazy...but I like that about her! I feel like that when I smile because I just got braces!

chelsea rebecca said...

i seriously can't wait for the movie!

roxanne said...

i'm not a twilight fan in the slightest, but i always love your playlists!