Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Les Fleurs

This is the left side view from my window. Seeing all the colors is such a pleasant way to wake up in the morning:)
The lighting on my window ledge is best, so I decided to take some pictures of my flowers I bought. I love walking to Harris Teeter with my eco grocery bags, filling them with yummy food to cook, and buying myself a bouquet of fresh flowers just because. My favorite part walking back to my place carrying my filled bags with flowers hanging out the front.
I must say I feel so French whenever I do it!
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tess said...

oh your view is adorable, my view is of a parking lot at college haha. even at home I have a view of the street, not too pretty but good for people watching

and you always take the loveliest photos of flowers

Chelsea Nicole. said...

i am simply in love with all of your beautiful flowers! i love having a window (or a few) to look out of.

you have such a neat little view!


Al said...

such beautiful photos- the flowers are stunning!

chelsea rebecca said...

i can't believe this is your view! those flowers are gorgeous!

Lexie said...

my roommate and i were in the habit of buying flowers every other week, but we quit over the winter! clearly we need to start up again!

R.Paris said...

ur photos are really vivid.
You've captured the hue of the flowers really well.
as 4 the view.....jealous


Erika said...

Ohmigosh where do you live?! Those buildings are so incredibly adorable - I would love to wake up and see those each morning! And flowers...I want to go out and pick some now!! :)

Ellie Grace said...

What a cute view!! All the houses are so precious and tucked in close together... It is absolutely picturesque.
And those flowers! The colors are just beautiful. =]

Ellie Grace

la petite fashionista said...

this is the view outside your window?! i must say im insanely jealous :) also, great minds must think alike, because I just picked up a bouquet of yellow daisies for myself today!

Thelma said...

Wow sounds so nice! I always say I am going to buy fresh flowers at the farmers market and I never do. I am going today to get some. You just inspired me!