Monday, March 8, 2010


I was pleased with last night's Oscar red carpet! Lots of blush pinks, golds, nudes, and purples - my favorite colors! Anna's dress was probably my favorite of the night, it was so delicate and ethereal. I could so see myself wearing this! And her skin is FLAWLESS! I'm loving all this gold on Cameron and Sandra - they look like Oscars themselves! Carey took a risk, and I think she pulled it off. I really like all the edgy yet youthful dresses she's been wearing lately and I LOVE her pixie cut! She's so adorable! Meryl always looks so radiant - she just glows. I bow down to her - she is queen! I love the murky lavender in Rachel and Elizabeth's dresses. Good color on them - and I am digging the watercolor pattern and ruffles! The material on Amanda's dress kind of looks like cellophane/bubble wrap. She looks like a futuristic princess :)
Who was your favorite?


Ellie Grace said...

My personal favorite was Penelope Cruz's gorgeous red dress... She looked absolutely stunning!
Here is a link so you can see too.

Ellie Grace

tess said...

Anna was lovely, always is

mel said...

rachel mcadams looked awesome!
this is the best part of the oscars for sure. don't you wish we could get dressed up like this once a year?
adult prom or something? ;)

Kat said...

yes, anna looked really pretty and of course, meryl - amazing!

Thelma said...

I think my fav is Cameron Diaz. She just looked amazing and so confident! Sandra Bullock too!

Lindsay said...

Great picks! The first dress is, indeed, stunning.
My favorite of the night was actually Miley Cyrus, although I usually loathe her taste in clothing.

Chelsea Nicole. said...

these are amazing picks, i actually loved all of these except amanda seyfried's, i feel like the color washed her out too much.

zoe saldana's dress was beautiful, but the sparkle top was a little OVER the top.

i also loved diane kruger in chanel couture.

miley cyrus had a beautiful dress, but i feel as if good fashion design is wasted on her ;/


WendyB said...

Amanda's dress was stunning but the color didn't do much for her. In fact, I thought there were a lot of bad colors that night.

Taryn said...

I am IN LOVE with anna's dress she looked so ethereal! there were a lot of good dresses this season

sarah said...

I can't choose my favorite; it's a tie between Sandra Bullock's and Meryl's! Miley's dress was really nice, too, I think. I loved the more neutral colors they all wore!

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