Friday, February 5, 2010

Think Pink

There is a color coded post for grey/silver, blue, red and here is the pink one just in time for Valentines Day. Songs and artists about the color pink/rose with items to go along:

1. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 – The Flaming Lips


2. Razzle Dazzle Rose – Camera Obscura

necklace, anthropologie

3. Goodnight Rose – Ryan Adams

book, anthropologie

4. Pink and Blue – Andre 3000

sneakers, Lanvin

5. Roses – Andre 3000

dress, Stella McCartney @ the out net

6. Everywhere – Pink Martini

a pink Amy Atlas party

7. Dominoes – The Big Pink


8. Pink Moon – Nick Drake

tunic, anthropologie

9. Tennessee Rose – The Deep Vibration

top, D&G

10. Rose City – Viva Voce



The Fashion Fool said...

omgosh i have that fashion book. so great :) i cant wait for valentine's day as pink and red is my absolute favorite color combo. i cant wait for the movie either!

Lexie said...

awww! i love that fred flare cardigan. i have recently decided i need more pink in my wardrobe ... it's just tough finding the perfect shade.

also, i bought revlon's sweet tart nail polish over winter break .. it's a great shade of hot pink!

Chelsea Nicole. said...


great post :)


tess said...

dominoes is such a great catchy song

S.Elisabeth said...

Love pink! Absolute favorite color

Cassidy said...

i'm madly in love with Amy Atlas' valentine dessert table , so amazing !


Cassidy said...

i'm madly in love with Amy Atlas' valentine dessert table , so amazing !


my wonderland said...

It reminds me of that song from Funny face that I truly adore and the one from aerosmithpink of the lips of your lover, pink is the love you discover

Taryn said...

I want this entire list, it's fantastic :)

AMIT said...

Wow the pink looks so cutie.

fancy lingerie

Anonymous said...

So happy to stumble upon your blog! I love those darlingly rebel.

April said...

ahh i love this post! i want that fashion book!

ps: i tagged you and gave you an award!

heart charlie said...

I love those pink headphones and the pink pink tunic, beautiful!

J said...

great pink picks! i lvoe the stella dress.. gorgeous. wish i could have it!

Erika said...

Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink!!! Ohmigosh I love you for this post!! I had forgotten about the song Roses by Andre 3000 - I used to adore it!! :)