Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today is Modern Marie's 3rd Birthday!
I really cannot believe I have had this blog for three years now, and it is because of all you readers and fellow bloggers who keep me inspired to do this. I know in the past few months I have been bad about writing short posts and not commenting all of you back - I blame the hectic life of a college student for that. But it is one of my new years resolutions to be more involved again in blogging because I truly love this community! I plan on keeping this blog for years to come, just making tweaks along the way to make it better. Is there anything YOU would like to see more or less of...or what I should do differently...should I start doing outfit posts? I have pondered showing my face on here once and a while haha (you can see the side of it in my profile picture). Anyways, I want to thank you all again for stopping by every once and a while - here's to three more years!
Since we are celebrating a birthday of some sorts, here is an adorable little video made my a friend for a friend...and if it is your birthday, well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Also here is the weekly playlist, a bit early - artists and songs containing the number 3, songs about learning as you go and looking forward to the future:
1. 3 – Britney Spears
2. Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol Feat. Martha Wainwright
3. Three Wishes – The Pierces
4. Now Three – Vienna Teng
5. Jumper – Third Eye Blind
6. Learning As We Go – Leona Naess
7. Three Hopeful Thoughts – Rilo Kiley
8. Semi- Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
9. The Crane Wife 3 – The Decemberists
10. The Next Time Around – Little Joy
I took that picture of balloons this past spring on my bday - appropriate, no?


LAUREN said...

happy blogging birthday! i'm so grateful for your blog! it's been a really great inspiration, and will always be one of my favorites... and your new profile picture is absolutely gorgeous! i'm quite jealous :) keep continuing what you've been doing... it's so great!

Stephanie said...

I really like it when you post your party ideas. I see a great event planner in the future. :)
Happy 3rd B-day!

Amelia said...

Wow, happy blog anniversary! That's so big. Congrats.

Claire said...

Happy Blogday!! Love how you've done a playlist - "Set fire to the third bar" is such a lovely tune!

Hanky said...

Happy third birthday!!!
I have just started reading your blog and i already love it!!!!!
Great work!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! your blog always leads me to new bands and inspires me to bake! plus its nice to know someone else is kind of going through the same college experience I am, even if that experience isn't the best one its good to see I'm not alone. I look forward to many more posts! I think outfit posts would be nice, it would be awesome to finally see you!

April said...

happy birthday!! your blog is wonderful.

Erika said...

Happy, Happy Third Birthday my love!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Your blog has always been fun to read and so inspiring! Keep up the amazing work! xo

Taryn said...

Congrats! what an accomplishment! I love how you cover baking, music, and style...3 things I couldn't live without. Keep it up :)

Forgetmenot said...

Oh that's great! Hope that you blog many years more :D

Cassidy said...

YAY ! congrats love !

Lexie said...

i love love love your party ideas, and i think it would be awesome if you started posting outfits! just as long as you keep blogging, i'm happy as a clam!

little shadow said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Modern Marie!
Your blog was one of the first ever blogs I started to read, and I do not lie when I say that Modern Marie played a big part in inspiring me to start my own blog.
So for that I say thank-you, and congratulations, for making it this far.

My favourite parts of your blog are your recipes/baking creations, your nail colour changes and your weekly playlist.

What I would love to see more of is definetely more of YOU! I think I speak for everybody when I say that I'm dying to see some outfit posts!

Goodluck and congratulations again, for not only reaching this significant landmark, but for inspiring so many people <3

Ariela said...

Happy Blog Birthday!
Congrats! Wow 3 years is a long term relationship with blogger! hahah Lovely video, btw. props to your friend ;)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Happy blog birthday! Three years--that is impressive!

Belle said...

Happy 3rd Birthday!
I love your blog, and can't wait to read more!

Elizabeth Akingbade said...

Hey, I love your blog, your blog is silmar to mine, in a sense.
Check it out, on www.bethostylista.wordpress.com
LOve to hear from you :)

Thelma said...

Happy B'day to your blog! I like your new picture!

erin meagan said...

that video is so cute! OUTFIT POSTS. do it!

la petite fashionista said...

HAPPY BLOG BDAY! so glad that we've been blogging friends for so long. i LOVE that video! so well done. i was just going to say-- i noticed your new picture on the sidebar, so cute! i'd love to see outfit pictures on Modern Marie.


Hillary H. said...

happy blog day!!
that video was beautiful... do you know what song was used?