Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Time is Here, Happiness and Cheer!

I'm sooooo excited for CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! When I was little it used to be all about the presents and Santa; I still get excited about presents, but more so about giving them. I don't know why, but I Absolutely love buying people gifts! I got all my Christmas shopping more or less done in Germany, so I'm done with that madness. Along with the gifts, I love the decorations, food, dressing up for parties, and MUSIC! I know Christmas music may seem a little dorky, but c'mon, so is all my indie music lol! So each week this month I will put together a Christmas playlist, of not only old favorites, but indie bands, etc who make some really cool, new Christmas music ( I highly recommend both the entire OC Christmakuh and Sufjan Stevens Christmas CD - but if you buy his, don't buy it on itunes like I did, cuz apparently if you buy it in a store its a 5 disc set with stickers, calender, etc). Along with the music, I'll put items up that go with the song and could end up getting on your wishlist or to get list! ENJOY!

1. A Great Big Sled - The Killers

Goulashes, J.Crew

2. The Christmas Song - The Ravonettes
Necklace, Forever 21

3. Jingle Bells - Frank Sinatra
Necklace, Disney Couture

4. Holiday Mood - The Apples in Stereo

5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Martha Wainwright
Audrey Hepburn 2008 Calendar,

6. Christmastime Is Here - Charlie Brown Christmas

7. The Friendly Beats - Sufjan Stevens

8. It's Been Christmas Here - Blondfire
Tree, Urban Outfitters

9. Did I Make You Cry on Christmas Day? - Sufjan Stevens
5 CD box set,

10. Christmastime - Aimee Mann
Cookies, Eleni's Bakery
****OH, and AWESOME NEWS!!! I got into my dream college: the College of Charleston TODAY!!! Honestly, that's all I wanted for Christmas :)


la petite fashionista said...

Congrats on being accepted darling!! <3 christmas time on a college campus is so fun.. im about to go get supplies to decorate with my roommate:)

too bad we have exams in a week.. yikes!


Rachel-n-Ryan said...

YAY! I'm super happy for you!! There's a lot of good places to hit once you make it there...I'll try and make a list :)

congratulations again! now purchase some monogrammed jewelry & practice that southern accent ;)

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm so jealous that you're done Christmas shopping. I haven't really begun. I adore the holiday season though, everyone seems so much happier and the decorations everywhere are a delight.
Congrats on your college acceptance. What will you be majoring in?

Anonymous said...

wow congrats on being accepted! like you i'm waiting to get into my dream school, come dec 15 i'll know something, hopefully it'll be good news :)

i love xmas too, the food, the music, the decor, the presents hehe, i'm looking forward to all of your fun dorky little indie xmas songs, so far so good- sufjan and charlie brown xmas. i love that dress btw:)

Heather said...

I'd love a Sufjan Stevens Christmas box set!

discothequechic said...

So excited!
I've waited until December 1st until I am allowed to get excited.
But I'm sure the novelty will still wear off in the space of 25 days!
Just can't quite believe it'd December already. Little surreal. The weather just isn't miserable enough here in the UK..

The OC mixes are always fabulous, they must have some great music nerds working behind the scenes!

ambika said...

That F21 necklace is adorable!

WendyB said...

Congrats on the college news!

Bojana said...

OOh that dress is sooo nice!!

I could definitely see it on Blair Waldorf... Can you tell I'm obsessed??

Belle said...

Congrats on being accepted! I really like that Disney Couture
necklace. I haven't gotten any of my Christmas shopping done yet.

Alexa said...

Frank Sinatra makes the best christmas music :] i adore him.

Alexa said...

and congrats on college! that's great!

In Yr Fshn said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!
Great x-mas song choices. My bf always wants to kill me this time of year because I play this stuff non-stop!

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

congrats on getting into your college!!! i was just looking at the audrey calendar and the cookies from eleni's bakery for christmas presents right now...great minds think alike

Tru said...

congrats <3

Nicole Then said...

Wow, I love the boots - they are just so adorable! and the jewelry is so christmas-y yet not tacky. And of course those marvelous looking cookies...and CONGRATS too! :)

Cris Lazoru said...

Ohh what a great idea, loved the post!


theresa said...

those rain boots are so cute. I have plaid pair that I love to death!

Romeika said...

I'd love to have the Audrey Hepburn calendar! Oh well, I'm not really excited about Christmas. Especially because I'm very far away from my family.. It will be a sad christmas.

Romeika said...

Oh and congratulations on being accepted to the college you wanted!

cotton candy said...

the scarves!! i want them so - they're so cute and how can we resist charlie brown and his friends?

Kat said...

Awww, i love all this stuff, that dress is fabulous. Thanks for such a seasonal post:-)

Congrats on getting accepted!I guess that's a weight off your shoulders.

Btw, I finally saw Marie Antoinette, and just thought I better tell you! OMG, totally loved it, kirsten was amazing as was the setting and costumes.