Saturday, December 8, 2007

...As Sugarplum Fairies Danced In Their Heads

Here are some pictures of my annual Christmas party, from 2 years ago. It had a sugarplum, primary color motif:

I made the topiaries with sugarplums hot glued (low heat) to Styrofoam balls and cones.

This garland for the window is made with colorful paper and a close up picture I took of gumdrops.

A cute little decor for the chandelier: circles of colorful paper, glued back to back unto clear string.

Gumdrop cake (before I took cake decorating classes lol)

Veggie "wreath"

Rudolph gingerbread. I always make gingerbread cookies , but they look different each year. Here you take the same gingerbread man cookie cutter, but turn it upside down. Melt chocolate as the frosting and dust with sugar on the antlers.

white chocolate peppermint fudge

the favor :)


Anonymous said...

haha sometimes i almost hate you, your parties are too perfect! gah, those gingerbread cookies are adorable, the last time i made them they were inedible and the sugarplum idea is so cute, it's even on the cd!

you know sometimes i do feel lonely without siblings, considering both my parents work, i don't know a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and all of my relatives live out of town, but then again, my family likes their space, and i've noticed people with siblings are not as good at giving others space. and yes i am rather impressive around adults if i do say so myself...oh and there's the obvious material reason- more presents hehe. i mean can you imagine sharing your parents with others, like how would it be if they went "oh sorry, i have to work on ian's science project with him can't go shopping" or "sorry annie doesn't wanna see that movie, so we aren't going"

Rachel-n-Ryan said...

Can you send/post the recipe over for the rudolph cookies? like what kind of chocolate, and what did you use for the noses? I'm helping a friend with her xmas party next week. Too cute!

WendyB said...


penelope said...

omg!! love those rudolph cookies!!! you and your crazy ideas made me wish that i was on THE list!!

Ceci n'est pas une blogger. said...

Wow, those decorations are so incredibly adorable! I'm really impressed by your creativity, and now I'm inspired to make some Christmas-y crafts and decorations haha.

Love your blog...would you be interested in cross-linking? =)

deexdeexdreamer said...

i am in awe! in my 16 years of being my cooking skills have only equated to watery miso soup, and you my dear are betty crocker! wooow

p.s. im a lil bit jealous/hungry also...

la petite fashionista said...

awe, i want to attend one of your parties! they look like something right out of blueprint.. so fabulous!

jen said...

OMG, too cute! love the gumdrop decorations!

i really wanted to decorate my house with lots of candy this christmas. (kinda like santa's house in the nightmare before christmas) but have since decided against it since, well, i'm really lazy. ;)

your blog always entertains me!

In Yr Fshn said...

I wouldn't be surprised if every blogger around here wants an invite to your next bash! Martha better watch out. Amazing!